Zytara and Dignitas Partner Up on NFTs

Dignitas and Zytara Labs NFT collaboration

Dignitas, the well known League of Legends team tied to New Media Entertainment (NME), entered the Digital Collectable space today by announcing a partnership with Zytara Labs. That’s the same NME that owns the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Devils, who have a sizable Esports presence with the 18 wins Dignitas has under their belt.

The partnership is a multi-year contract to develop digital collectables, which have seen the incorporation of digital art, video clips, physical art and even experiences, in the past. Dignitas has indicated that their focus will be commemorating players, physical events and more than likely wins, over time. We can only hope that those will include a number of limited editions and opportunities to engage with the team – which has made the NFT market a lot more fun than traditional collectables.

Dignitas has indicated that the Zytara NFT platform will be launched on the Digitalbits platform. Digitalbits is a creation of the XDB foundation and has partnered with a number of crypto platforms, including Litemint. This opens broader market access for Dignitas NFTs, as well as the opportunity for ease-of-access by the less Crypto-enabled, as well as players already in the Crypto enabled NFT market.

Alpha Sigma Capital’s Enzo Villiani has noted that “Digitalbits has the experience and expertise to help brands migrate into this new era of tokenized digital assets…” which is shorthand to say they’re a good translator to build digital products for folks who need a helping hand with next generation technology.

Zytara, which is in the process of launching its’ NFT platform, slated for Q3 2021, adds Dignitas to a slew of athletes and celebrities, already signed to their platform. This addition affords Zytara a strong Esports market presence versus earlier NFT market entrants, such as Topps.

Additionally, Zytara is the platform that took the artist known for eating the $120k banana at Art Basel to develop an NFT collaboration with Dole. That’s pretty excellent re-engagement for a decades old brand, with something that’s of the moment.

Dignitas is setting the stage for other Esports teams – as fan markets, Discord and Twitch communities now have new ways to engage beyond digital Tipping, traditional Merch and online event attendance.

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