Zilliqa Wants to Reward Twitter Users Discussing the Project

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Integrating cryptocurrencies into social media activity has been an are of interest to a lot of projects. In the case of Zilliqa, a very interesting development has taken place, although its impact may remain limited for quite a while. 

Getting more people excited about cryptocurrencies is very difficult.

An Interesting Concept by Zilliqa

Even with all of the evidence of great returns on investment for top coins, most people shun this industry altogether.

The Zilliqa team is trying to change this narrative for the better.

Its new SocialPay tool is effectively rewarding people for tweeting about Zilliqa.

Through SocialPay, users earn ZIL by sharing company updates or announcements.

Rewards will vary depending on the hashtag and campaign, but it’s still an interesting solution. 

It is evident that this SocialPay venture is designed to raise more attention for Zilliqa first and foremost.

Whether this will help the project gain more attention – other than just for the rewards – will be an interesting experiment to observe.

Crypto enthusiasts on Twitter will certainly find a way to maximize their earnings through solutions like these.

This is not a way tog et rich quick by any means, although any extra source of revenue is welcome for everyone.

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