Zignaly Opens Virtual Office in Bloktopia


One of the most significant learning curves of the crypto and traditional financial market is investing. Watching the market, using the right platforms, and knowing when to buy and sell can become cumbersome and somewhat challenging. 

Luckily, some companies have created platforms that simplify the process and allow everyone to enjoy ROI, regardless of their investing knowledge. 

Zignaly has created a social investment platform that enables users to share profits from other professional crypto traders by using copy-trade strategies. Also, the platform allows users to benefit from actively managed investment services that professional traders run for a small fee.

Through their platform, users can invest through expert traders who use their knowledge of crypto investing to guide users. The expert traders involved in the platform are required to invest their own capital in the fund and will only earn after fulfilling the incentives tied to the profits, providing peace of mind to the users in the process.

Zignaly’s platform also has strict measures in place, so traders focus on risk management which they detail in their blog

Zignaly’s Social Investment Platform

Founded in 2017, Zignaly was created to bring crypto investing to the masses and allow investors to diversify their portfolios with digital assets with minimal friction without the need for specialized technical knowledge. 

Since its launch, the platform has brought on numerous top funds and traders from the crypto industry who have divulged their knowledge and insight. This expertise has guided community members thanks to the platform’s ability to allow users to invest in these traders’ moves and share in the profits.

With a user base of over 350,000, who have invested more than $120 million from more than 300 of the platform’s vetted expert traders, Zignaly is at the forefront of the social trading revolution. 

The Platform’s Reward System

Recently added to the platform was the Zignaly reward system

Following the launch of their utility token ZIG, used primarily to facilitate the insurance protocol within the platform, they have created an ecosystem around the token. 

The reward initiative was created to grow the token’s adoption and utility within DeFi and was built around the ZIG wallet powered by Cybavo. Zignaly puts a set amount of ZIG into a reward pool every month, which is shared among ZIG holders and participants. 

The ZIG wallet powered by the Cybavo solution has allowed ZIG to be distributed to over 80,000 platform participants. Zignaly will continue building more partnerships to leverage its unique ecosystem, reach diverse communities, and increase awareness about its protocol.

All holders of ZIG will benefit from these partnerships. It will allow them to learn more about projects while providing the opportunity to earn passive income via airdrop campaigns based on the ZIG holdings.

More on Zignaly’s Virtual Office

Recently the company announced the launch of its own virtual office in the decentralized Bloktopia metaverse. The virtual office will provide investors and traders with a fresh way to interact digitally. 

Bloktopia is a decentralized metaverse built on Polygon, represented as a 21-story virtual skyscraper, symbolizing the total supply of Bitcoin (21 million). Those who hold the Bloktopia token have access to crypto-based content and information in an immersive virtual reality setting. Users of Bloktopia can also earn revenue through virtual real estate ownership, advertising revenue, and gaming.

By opening a virtual office within Bloktopia, Zignaly incorporates itself in a space that will see exponential growth in the coming years. 

While crypto investing can seem like a daunting task, Zignaly wants to use its platform to open it up to everyone, no matter what level of skill or expertise they reside. 

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