ZeeroZone (ZEZO) – a decentralized platform like Cardano (ADA)

ZeeroZone (ZEZO) and Cardano (ADA) are decentralized and open-source platforms that are not controlled by individual entities. Rather, community members of the projects have access to their source code which they can analyze or modify.

Centralized games act like authoritarians by controlling all the activities of their users. On the contrary, decentralized platforms like Zeerozone (ZEZO) and Cardano (ADA) can run without the interference of an external third party.

The following are advantages of Zeerozone (ZEZO) and Cardano (ADA) over centralized games:

  • Faster transaction speed 
  • You can transfer digital assets from anywhere and at any time.
  • They are more reliable and transparent to their users. 

Zeerozone(ZEZO), a decentralized gaming platform 

Zeerozone(ZEZO) is an online gaming platform built on a blockchain. Users can either act independently or ally with other users. 

More so, the objective is to explore the Zeerozone space and take control of different planets. Players can also search for artifacts they can mint in the Zeerozone marketplace.

The first step that players must take is to register an account. Next is to decide if you will ally at the arena. Teaming up with other players will make tasks easier to accomplish and fend off other opponents. 

Once individuals or groups of players take ownership of planets or artifacts, they can mint the items as NFTs on the Zeerozone marketplace.

Likewise, Zeerozone provides a secure wallet for players to deposit and spend ZEZO tokens. This token serves as a means of payment in the Zeerozone ecosystem.

Cardano – an established blockchain project

Cardano (ADA) is a blockchain network that utilizes the proof of stake mechanism. 

Therefore, it eliminates the high cost of computations and energy consumption associated with proof of work. 

Cardano was able to overcome scalability issues associated with decentralized applications. As a result, its smart contracts can facilitate instant transactions and accommodate a multitude of dApps.

Cardano(ADA) is one of the most significant crypto assets based on its market cap. The network is also scalable enough to process thousands of transactions per second. 

Since 2021, tokens have begun to appear on the Cardano blockchain, just like on Ethereum.

Zeerozone (ZEZO) NFT marketplace

NFTs have unique features that make them highly valued. Several crypto projects have incorporated an NFT marketplace on their platform due to the recent hike in demand for NFTs.

Transactions on the Cardano network are fast and cheap. Accordingly, developers find it easy to create and manage NFT markets on this network. Some popular marketplaces on Cardano include,, NFTjam, Genesis House, Artano, SpaceBudz, etc.

Players can buy and sell artifacts at Zeerozone(ZEZO) NFT marketplace. You can also purchase spaceships and other gaming items and mint these assets into NFTs without paying outrageous fees.

When a group of players creates an alliance, they have a higher chance to discover artifacts they can sell as NFTs and split the returns in proportion.

Cardano and Zeerozone native tokens

As earlier noted, developers can create new tokens on the Cardano blockchain. However, ADA is the only coin can use to can be used to perform transactions and reward investors.

ZEZO is the native token of the Zeerozone gaming platform. Players can transfer and receive ZEZO in Zeerozone’s wallet and use it to exchange NFTs. Moreover, ZEZO is a reward token.


Zeerozone (ZEZO) is a space exploration online game that offers an immersive gaming experience. Players can be confident of the quality Zeerozone will deliver after its launch.

Also, investors can benefit from the bullish potential of the ZEZO token as a utility token for a blockchain game. The Zeerozone(ZEZO) space exploration game is a sustainable project with growth potentials similar to Cardano (ADA).

Zeerozone (ZEZO)



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