YouTube Still issues Random Strikes Against Crypto Content Creators

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For quite some time now, popular online platforms have seemingly taken a harsh stance toward cryptocurrencies. Not only is Twitter shadowbanning accounts randomly, YouTube is still issuing warnings to content creators as well. 

It has become somewhat difficult to make a living in the cryptocurrency space.

YouTube Needs to Step up its Game

Not due to the prices or overall interest in this industry, however.

Instead, it would appear that several major online platforms dislike this type of content.

Now is a perfect time to educate the masses on financial freedom, and the role cryptocurrency plays in that narrative. 

For reasons unknown, YouTube is still issuing strikes against crypto content creators.

This uneasy situation has been going on for several months now.

Randomly issuing strikes and warnings doesn’t make too much sense.

Especially not if those scammy live streams are still allowed on the platform.

It is evident that YouTube will need to change its stance on crypto quickly.

Legitimate content should be allowed to thrive, and everything else needs to be banned immediately.

Why the company can’t distinguish between the two, remains uncertain.

It is possible that this is a result of the company simply not caring in the slightest.

For now, this uneasy situation remains in place for crypto content creators.

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