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Bitcoin was officially born after Satoshi Nakamoto published the “Bitcoin Whitepaper” in 2009. Since then, blockchain technology has been popularised in various industries. As a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, Bitcoin’s function is to transfer money but is unable to meet everyone’s growing demands.

Aware of this disadvantage of the crypto industry, Vitalik Buterin established Ethereum. Compared to Bitcoin, Ethereum’s technology has become more mature. With their Turing complete virtual machine, programmable money can be easily created. Ethereum also has a customized ERC20 standard token protocol. Through this, anyone will be able to issue tokens as long as he or she prepares a smart contract, deploying it to Ethereum. As such, Ethereum brought the upsurge of ICO in 2017. After the boom, the DeFi wave ushered in at 2020.

The emergence of UniSwap allowed users to list their own tokens. Compared to the huge listing fees on the centralized exchange, DEX allowed anyone to list their tokens and add liquidity to complete the launch. Even though this helped many popular and high quality projects, the opposite is also the same.

Although there is no threshold for listing, users still have to know how to write contract codes when issuing tokens in Ethereum. This deterred many users that want to issue their tokens. As the gateway to DeFi, it is necessary for DEX to simplify the launch steps so that users are able to easily enjoy the pleasure of issuing and listing tokens with one-click.

That’s where the new generation of multi-chain and cross-chain decentralized exchange – YouSwap ( comes into play. Their one-click issuing and one-click ISO functions on YouSwap can easily help project owners complete the whole process from issuing to launching their tokens. No prior knowledge or tutorials of contract codes are needed, creating a fuss-free service. Simply enter their desired parameters, users can quickly complete the one-click issuing on HECO, BSC and Ethereum chains without any threshold.

For the user’s convenience, YouSwap has gotten into a strategic cooperation with BoomBox to launch their DApp function.

BoomBox is an innovative model that shelves selected DApps of third parties, allowing users to use DeFi products and functions conveniently. The first linked DApp on BoomBox is CoinLaunch ( It is a one-click issuing platform that is launched by both YouSwap and BoomBox in a joint collaboration. Relying on the HECO mainnet, one-click issuing requires a GAS fee as low as 40 YOU (approx. 6 USDT). Hence easily solving the pain point of issuing tokens. CoinLaunch’s one-click issuing contains 2 modes – basic and customized.

In the basic mode, users will have to enter the full token name, abbreviation, volume, and receiving address. After filling them up, just click on “Contract” and a token has been issued. The whole process only takes about 15 seconds.

Meanwhile, the customized mode which was only launched on Tuesday provides customization services in regards to data and contract customization functions. For instance, if the token requires secondary issuing or buying if the token uses a burning mechanism or is subjected to the deflationary model. As of 17th August 2021, YouSwap has seen a total of 484 tokens being issued on CoinLaunch. The launch of CoinLaunch helps users achieve zero thresholds, zero Irish and low cost, helping YouSwap open a new era of one-click token issuance.

Steps on one-click issuing are as follows:

Step 1: Prepare the basic issuing fee (YOU to USDT) in the cryptocurrency wallet of the issuer

Step 2: Log into YouSwap and click on “BoomBox” on the homepage. Then select “CoinLaunch” after entering the page

Step 3: Enter the “CoinLaunch” one-click issuing page, and connect to your personal wallet (i.e. MetaMask)

Step 4: Select your preferred public chain for issuing. Currently, CoinLaunch supports the one-click issuing on three public chains: HECO, BSC, and ETH

Step 5: Select your token type in the “Token Type” column. At present, there are three token types: Fixed Supply, Mintable, and Moon Mode. Enter the parameters according to the page prompts

Step 6: Click “Authorize” and “Create” buttons to complete the final phase of issuing. After one-click issuing, the token will be automatically transferred to the issuer’s address, and the token can be displayed by adding assets in the wallet.

In this era of DeFi, DEX can help users quickly enjoy the incremental benefits brought by DeFi without any threshold. The one-click issuing function of YouSwap simplifies the launching process and helps to achieve the token issuing for all. YouSwap will carry out the All-Eco layout of DeFi, making YouSwap the first stop for users to experience DeFi.

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Borderless, open and free. YouSwap is an early-stage All-Eco DeFi platform built on multiple public blockchains. We stand by constant innovation to provide you with the best trading experience as your personal decentralised digital assets platform. As a DEX that optimises the AMM model, we have integrated resources for liquidity and swap pricing. Ultimately increasing our exchange speed and innovating the token economy model. Our deployed technology intends to solve the current issues faced by users within the industry, giving you low gas fees, high percentage yield and no transaction fee. Creating a decentralised exchange that is truly yours. 

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