YouSwap V2 launched on 1st November 2021 with eight upgrades in one package


After intensive development, the highly anticipated DEX YouSwap V2 was officially launched on November 1st 2021! The following features are the major upgrades in this new protocol:

  1. Liquidity Aggregation
  2. Candlestick Chart
  3. Popular Coin Recommendation
  4. Cross-chain Bridge 2.0
  5. Market Depth Graph
  6. New Mining Scenarios
  7. Mining Pool 2.0
  8. New Transaction Record

I. Liquidity Aggregation

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YouSwap V2 introduces aggregate trade which causes the liquidity of DEX such as MDEX to aggregate when users trade on the HECO Chain. When trading on the ETH chain, the liquidity of DEX will be aggregated. Such DEX includes UniSwap V2 and V3, Sushiswap, DoDo, 1inch etc. Lastly, trading on the BSC chain will aggregate the liquidity of Pancakeswap etc.

II. Candlestick Chart

YouSwap V2 newly incorporates price trends of crypto on the mining page. It will display the price of the current trading pair, 24-hour price changes and fluctuation rate. Users can view the crypto prices on YouSwap’s mining page instead of going to an external website for the market.

III. Popular Coin Recommendation

YouSwap V2 displays the latest popular coins by default on the trading page and updates them every week to help users to learn and trade. Auto refresh can refresh the latest token swap rate with one click.

IV. Cross-chain Bridge 2.0

YouSwap v2 supports the cross-chain of all cryptos among ETH, BSC and HECO chains with no minimum cross-chain volume set. YouSwap does not charge for any cross-chain fee, and the deposit and withdrawal fees are subject to the charge standards of the corresponding public chain. In addition, to reduce user costs, YouSwap supports the use of YOU to pay fees. Now, the Gas fee is only 10-100YOU, or about 0.8-8 USDT. The cross-chain speed of YouSwap reaches 2-3 minutes with guaranteed security.

V. Market Depth Graph

YouSwap V2 adds an order book for the current trading token pairs on the mining page, with 10 recent orders in display.

VI. New Mining Scenarios

YouSwap V2 provides four scenarios including Mining, DAO, Forum and YouWallet on the mining page. Users are able to go to the respective pages just by clicking on the respective buttons or tabs..

VII. Mining Pool 2.0

YouSwap supports fixed-term mining of the liquidity pool in V2. After the mining expires, users can claim their own tokens. The pool can be restarted after it ends. In the case of restarting, users can continue mining without migrating liquidity.

At the same time, the V2 version of pool also provides great convenience for project owners, who can set the mining start time and maximum stake volume of the pool, add multiple-mining reward tokens and various rewards (such as increase the APR and extend the reward granting time of the pool), adjust the block rewards independently (once every 7 days, up to 30% each time), customize the referral reward ratio, and view the relevant data of the pool (number of mining addresses, mining ranking, remaining rewards, etc.);

VIII. New Transaction Record

YouSwap V2 adds new trade records covering swap, liquidity addition and pool stake. Users can view all their trade records on the page.

Over the next few weeks, YouSwap will officially share more in-depth information about the V2 release including its new functions, tutorials and playing instructions, as well as updates on key topics such as liquidity aggregation, liquidity mining and popular token mining.

About YouSwap

YouSwap is a multi-chain decentralized exchange that supports cross-chain transactions of multiple assets. The V2 upgrade is able to simultaneously support transactions of assets on public blockchains, such as Binance Smart Chain and Huobi ECO Chain. YouSwap’s Cross-chain Bridge 2.0 allows for seamless transfer of assets between public chains, while the trading upgrade incorporates liquidity aggregation of popular DEXs, providing users with a more efficient and stable liquidity solution, embracing the next evolution in DeFi.






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