YouSwap Jumped into the GameFi Hype, Seizing Opportunities of the Bullish Market


The cryptocurrency market has been flourishing and booming with BTC and ETH from a high. The trend of the recent GameFi upsurge continues as it gives NFTs a more practical value through gamification, essentially allowing participants to earn money while playing games. 

With the help of GameFi, different trading modes have been introduced to the market besides DeFi mining. The brand new trading mode GameFi introduced, game mining, makes things much more interesting than regular liquidity mining. Additionally, with GameFi’s focus on DeFi, it attracts more users by providing and allowing liquidity mining. 

Launched as a game, GameFi is easily accepted by the public as users do not need to have relevant knowledge on finance or blockchain to play these games, this lowers the barrier of entry for many towards the blockchain sector. Even when GameFi’s popularity starts fading, there will be no lack of high-quality games that will emerge one after another. 

Amongst the GameFis, X World Games (XWG) is a popular token that has recently just launched on YouSwap and easily became one of the best GameFi projects around. The first Japanese ACGN NFT Card game released by XWG is Dream Card. Apart from being able to exchange and collect the Dream Cards, these cards may also be used to obtain XWG tokens. Dream Card operates very similarly to other TCGs, such as Pokémon and Magic the Gathering. As such to obtain XWG token rewards, players have to strategically set up card groups to win battles against other players.

Dream Card

Dream Card provides a balanced and attractive combat system, which allows players to win the competition through various strategies and choices. Players have different methods of accumulating XWG token rewards in the game, such as card upgrades, card staking and PVP competition. Dream Card also provides various DeFi functions, including Yield Farming, staking, DeFi Lending and Exchange. To make it more interesting, XWG will also be cooperating with many animated IPs, and integrating them with Dream Card. With such collaborations, Dream Card will be more appealing and dynamic, giving everyone more opportunities to have fun. An innovative cross-game system is also used for Dream Card’s characters and props, allowing the characters and props to be shared and adopted with other games in the XWG ecosystem, in the future.

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​​XWG is the native token of X World Games, which is based on a BEP-20 standard of BSC, with a fixed total supply of 10 billion. XWG’s main objective is to promote the development of X World Games ecosystem. XWG holders will be able to gain rewards by participating in their games’ monetization, DeFi operations, and DAO voting processes. The X World Games market is also accepting XWG as a payment currency, and players can use it to buy and sell their NFT assets in the games.

Check out X World Game’s website here:

The mission of X World Games is to bring blockchain technology into an accessible game world, where players from all over the globe can participate in the game together. In essence, X World Games is determined to bring blockchain into a world full of fun.

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In addition to XWG, YouSwap also launched hot projects such as BREW, TYT, PA, and NFTB this week, which are undoubtedly high-quality projects with unlimited potential. 

For example, CafeSwap Finance is an independent AMM/DEX and a betting ecosystem on BSC, featuring yield farming, yield optimization, with the goal of establishing an inclusive BSC DeFi ecosystem for our community through strategic partnership. 

BREW is the main token to provide energy for the whole CafeSwap Finance ecosystem, including yield farming, betting, and other upcoming functions on CafeSwap Finance. 

NFTb is an NFT and digital commodity market based on BSC. It provides a secure platform for both parties to trade. Any ownership of NFTs will be verified on BSC and further verified on the NFTb platform. NFTb is fully owned by the community and operates as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Moreover, NFTb has also issued tokens to encourage creators of digital art and collections to create NFTs and sell them on NFTb. 

Holders of these popular tokens can trade with low slippage and fees on YouSwap, they can also obtain high mining yields on YouSwap. As the world’s leading DEX, YouSwap will put in every effort to list the projects with the best quality and highest potential, and help YouSwap users seize opportunities to earn money in this wave of GameFi. 

YouSwap has also launched ALPACA, AXS, MANA, TLM, and other popular tokens, allowing you to have access to all of them on a single platform. YouSwap helps you obtain mining yields effortlessly and earn money more easily. Add liquidity to popular tokens and mine on YouSwap, to seize the opportunity of the bullish market now! Come and join us now! 

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