YouSwap integrates CoinLaunch – now you can create tokens with just one-click

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Creating your own tokens can be either very easy or very complicated. Previously, creating a token with the intention of it being issued worldwide takes up a ton of time, resources, cash and human capital. The cost may be even higher if you aren’t from a technical background but want a piece of the pie. Creating a high entry barrier for people who want to create their own tokens.

Being aware of this obstacle, YouSwap – an All-Eco decentralized exchange (DEX) presents an easy solution for creating and issuing tokens by integrating a decentralised application (DApp), CoinLaunch onto their platform. The DApp can be found in BoomBox – YouSwap’s innovative model that shelves selected DApps.

What is BoomBox?

Aspiring to become a one-stop-shop to suit all your crypto needs, BoomBox shelves selected DApps to increase the convenience of DeFi products and functions for users. Each DApp that’s integrated on YouSwap is carefully selected to enhance the experience of its users. It just so happens that the first DApp launched on BoomBox is the one-click ICO platform – CoinLaunch.

Known to be a multi-chain platform (Ethereum – ERC20, Binance – BEP20, Heco – HRC20) with low gas fees, YouSwap wants to create a convenient and cheaper experience for users; and CoinLaunch is no different. Users can enjoy fees as low as 40 YOU when creating and listing tokens on the platform. CoinLaunch gives anyone with little to no experience in cryptocurrencies the ability to create their own BSC or HECO based IDO (BEP20/HRC20 tokens) with just one click.

How to use CoinLaunch?

Previously only available on the Heco Mainnet (, YouSwap is happy to announce that BoomBox is now also available on YouSwap’s Binance Smart Chain ( Using either the Heco or Binance smart chain on YouSwap, anyone can easily use the IDO feature and enjoy low listing fees. Consisting of three types of tokens, CoinLaunch’s one-click IDO offers – ‘Fixed Supply’, ‘Mintable’ and ‘Moon Mode’ with the lowest fee being 40 YOU.

‘Fixed Supply’ only allows a set number of tokens to be created while ‘Mintable’ allows users to create more of their token in the future if they wish. ‘Moon Mode’ allows users to customize their own parameters, having more control of their tokens.

CoinLaunch Interface

Users can complete the ICO process by simply filling in the name of the token they wish to create, its abbreviation and total supply. The receiving address will be automatically filled in once the user has connected their wallet onto the platform. The whole process will only take up 5 minutes of the users’ time, making it extremely efficient.

To immediately list the created token, users will have to click on “Create Pool”. After which, head back to YouSwap and add liquidity so that others will be able to swap and exchange their token on the platform.

Creating a pool after creating your token

Other DApps on BoomBox

Other than CoinLaunch, YouSwap has recently launched CoinStarter on BoomBox. CoinStarter is a decentralised fixed-ratio exchange protocol that provides project parties and investors a free and fair environment for obtaining and launching tokens on YouSwap easily. The DApp helps project parties raise funds from investors in an easy and convenient manner.

Right now, there are only CoinLaunch and CoinStarter on BoomBox. Nevertheless, YouSwap has plans to include more DApps to increase user experience and convenience.

YouSwap is here to stay. YouSwap is happy to share exciting plans and milestones that they have planned for the year 2021 through the roadmap below. It’s currently June and there’s still more than half a year to go.

YouSwap’s Roadmap for 2021

For a more detailed view, YouSwap has provided their roadmap for June below.

YouSwap’s Roadmap for June 2021

For more details on their plans for June, read here. With the launch of BoomBox and the integration of CoinLaunch and CoinStarter, the YouSwap team will continue working to create a DEX that’s truly yours.

About YouSwap

Borderless, open and free. YouSwap is an early-stage All-Eco DeFi platform built on multiple public blockchains. We stand by constant innovation to provide you with the best trading experience as your personal decentralised digital assets platform. As a DEX that optimises the AMM model, we have integrated resources for liquidity and swap pricing. Ultimately increasing our exchange speed and innovating the token economy model. Our deployed technology intends to solve the current issues faced by users within the industry, giving you low gas fees, high percentage yield and no transaction fee. Creating a decentralised exchange that is truly yours.

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