Your Guide To Earning 100x Potential Play-To-Earn Returns With Decentraland, Cardano, And Big Eyes Infinity


Are you looking for the highest Play-To-Earn returns in crypto? Then this is the article you’ve been looking for! Today, we’re taking a look at Cardano’s (ADA) many P2E projects. We’re also stopping by the crypto metaverse giant Decentraland (MANA) and Big Eyes Infinity (BIGINF) – a top new presale with massive potential play-to-earn returns from the team behind Big Eyes Coin. So, stay tuned!

What Are Play-To-Earn Games? And What Are The Top Platforms?

What Are Play-To-Earn Crypto Games?

P2E games are a relatively new concept, combining video games and blockchain technology. What sets them apart from regular games is that they offer players monetary rewards while regular video games do not. Also, depending on the game, they allow players to use, buy, and sell NFTs. Finally, unlike regular games where the game company owns everything, in P2E games players actually own the items they mint or buy in-game, thanks to the unique technology behind NFTs.

What Are The Top P2E Platforms?

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One example of these games is Decentraland; a decentralised crypto metaverse that allows players to own virtual land. It features $MANA as its native currency, used to pay for land, NFTs, and services within the game world. Another example is Big Eyes Infinity (BIGINF), a top new presale launched in preparation for the P2E platform 819 Casino. The beta version of this casino will be launched on August 29th and will host over 4000 games, and will utilise this presale token. Finally, many P2E game developers have chosen to launch their games on Cardano (ADA). Thanks to its multi-layered design, efficiency, and scalability, Cardano has become a favourite for P2E projects.

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How To Earn Play-To-Earn Returns With Big Eyes Infinity, Cardano, And Decentraland

Decentraland: Expansive Crypto Metaverse

Decentraland (MANA) offers profit seekers a wide ecosystem to play and trade in. It allows users to buy and sell land, create and trade assets, and work as a freelancer as a result. Despite metaverse technology being relatively new, this crypto metaverse is a world unto itself.

Out of those methods, the purchase and selling of land is the most popular way to make money. However, customizable player avatars and the ability to create virtual assets have led to events like the Metaverse Fashion Week being held. With real-world brands like DKNY and Dolce & Gabbana participating in the event, it is clear this avenue is also very lucrative.

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Big Eyes Infinity: Top New Presale Token

The Cat Crew, the team behind the Big Eyes ecosystem, recently launched Big Eyes Infinity (BIGINF) – an excellent opportunity for those who missed the $BIG presale. With the 819 Casino coming this August, it’s more important than ever to own $BIG and $BIGINF. These two tokens will initially be the only accepted currencies in the P2E casino, which gives them massive utility. Additionally, every transaction in the casino will count toward the 24-hour trading volume of these two tokens, making for an active and fast-growing ecosystem. This is a metric used by experts to gauge interest in a certain token, and the higher it gets the better the token will do on exchanges.

To avoid the issues with claiming tokens, $BIGINF will be airdropped to investors after the end of the presale. Moreover, Big Eyes will match the number of $BIGINF tokens bought during the presale with $BIG. These bonus tokens will be added to the player’s account on the 819 Casino, and will be available once the player plays with them 2.5 times.

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Cardano’s Massive Selection Of Games:

Cardano’s blockchain hosts thousands of projects, with top examples including Machiavellic, an MMORPG open-world game with a fantasy theme, Mocossi Planet, a game for breeding virtual pets, farming, and facing off with other players, and Cornucopias, a game that, similarly to Decentraland, allows players to own and trade land and other assets.

Those are just the top three projects according to the community, with hundreds more available to play.

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Play-to-Earn returns have become a viable way to earn money on the Internet, opening up a whole new world of innovation and profit. Whether you’re trading land NFTs on Decentraland, gambling $BIGINF in the 819 Casino, or playing one of Cardano’s many games, consider the idea of making money doing something you might be otherwise doing for free. Don’t miss out on the top new presale by the Cat Crew, and invest in Big Eyes Infinity today to maximise your future profits.

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