You can now pay Bitcoin Lightning Network Invoices With Monero

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Advancing the crypto sphere as a whole will require collaboration between different projects. The team is raising the bar, as they have connected Monero to Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. 

Making Monero More Useful

It almost feels derogatory to claim that Monero is far from useful in this day and age. It is the only privacy cryptocurrency on the market currently worth its salt. There are no compromises, and the appeal of this currency will only keep improving as more time progresses. So much even that Monero and Bitcoin are now interoperable.

Very few people expected something like this to happen. Leave it to the team to effectively push the boundaries in this regard.

Through their hard work, it has now become possible to pay LN invoices with XMR. The process for exploring this option is simple.

Users simply paste their Lightning Network invoice into, create an order, and pay for it as usual. A simple process, but one that effectively bridges the gap between two very different ecosystems. 

More importantly, this is a revolutionary way of paying LN invoices  altogether. There is no locking of funds, no payment channel rebalancing, or anything else. For the end user, it is a thoughtless process, which is how Lightning Network payments should always work.

As the service is now available, it is crucial to note that this is a beta service. While no major issues should be expected, the only way to know for sure is by putting this new option through its paces. 

Helping the Lightning Network Grow

Although Bitcoin’s LN has been growing steadily, things can always be improved upon. Bridging the gap between different communities can certainly help move things along. Using Monero to pay Bitcoin LN invoices seemed impossible at first. Today, it is a possibility accessible to anyone in the world.

As more LN nodes with payment channels come online, there will be other options to explore. The team has an API with documentation for developers to take a closer look at. As such, one can hope to see other projects integrate support to pay Bitcoin LN invoices. 

It is a very unusual situation, but when looking at the bigger picture, this is the right path forward. 

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