You Can Now Buy On-Chain or Lightning Network Bitcoin Through G2A

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Getting more people to use Bitcoin via the Lightning Network remains an ongoing mission. Azteco may have found a way of doing so through its Consumer Bitcoin Vouchers. G2A users can now directly buy Bitcoin residing on the LN through the online portal.

Most gaming enthusiasts are familiar with G2A. It is a prominent online marketplace for digital items, including CD-keys and product codes. They often provide appealing discounts on items, making it a very appealing platform. In addition, they have over 20 million customers, resulting in a large audience that may have an interest in Bitcoin.

Azteco, a project designed to make buying Bitcoin cheaper, more accessible, and private, aims to leverage G2A’s market position. More specifically, they brought their Consumer Bitcoin Vouchers to the online marketplace. As such, anyone can buy BTC directly through G2A and use their favorite payment methods, like credit/debit cards or PayPal.

What makes the Consumer Bitcoin Vouchers interesting is how these are digital items representing a Bitcoin balance. Buying them is easy, and customers can acquire up to 1,000 Euro worth of BTC per key.

More importantly, no KYC verification is required for buying the on-chain or Lightning Network vouchers. The G2A marketplace may require some identity verification, though.

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It is good to see an option for users to receive Bitcoin on the Lightning Network. However, it is plausible to assume most people opt for the on-chain voucher.

Claiming the BTC is similar for either: scan the code generated by the voucher or visiting the link to redeem it. Vouchers take an average of 30 minutes to confirm and will expire after 30 days. 

The move makes Bitcoin more accessible than before and ensures people gain quicker access to cryptocurrency. More importantly, Azteco gives users the choice of using the main network – excellent for newcomers – or the Lightning Network – which is faster and cheaper, but requires some understanding of the technology. 

In addition, the denominations of 10-25-100-500-1000 Euro are appealing. Anyone can set up a Bitcoin portfolio regardless of how much money they have or aim to spend. 

The checkout process is smooth, and vouchers should be delivered within minutes. It is a better experience than going through a centralized exchange – which takes custody of your funds – or paying high fees through a Bitcoin ATM. 

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