You Can Now Buy Bitcoin At Several Walmart Locations

TheVRsoldier Walmart Black Friday VR

Do not be alarmed if you suddenly see a Bitcoin ATM in a Walmart near you. Although not widely announced, the retail giant is rolling out 200 of these machines throughout its network. Again, another sign of why ignoring Bitcoin is a big mistake.

Bitcoin ATMs Pop Up At Walmart

  • Walmart is the U.S.’ largest company by revenue and a retail giant. 
  • The firm is now rolling out 200 Bitcoin ATMs across its stores. 
  • Through these machines, Walmart customers can purchase Bitcoin with cash.

  • The move is made possible through a collaboration with Coinme. 
  • However, the Bitcoin ATMs are made by Coinstar. 
  • Most people may know Coinstar for exchanging coins for paper bills or gift cards. 
  • The process of acquiring Bitcoin through these ATMs involves paper vouchers and setting up a Coinme account through a KYC procedure.  
  • There is a 4% fee for buying Bitcoin and a 7% cash exchange fee. 
  • It remains unclear if Walmart’s venture will prove popular at those high fees.  
  • There are now nearly 30,000 crypto ATMs worldwide across 75 countries.

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