You can make history by becoming a member in a project that has enveloped the whole world!


Be Happy is a large-scale project that turned the system approach of current online games upside down!

For the first time, viewers and players work in tandem! Now, the viewers have the opportunity not only to be a bystander, but also to become a direct member, coming up with missions for players and assigning rewards for them. And the players, in turn, earn money by completing missions!

Can I earn money by playing Be Happy?

Exactly! To make money, you need to register as a “player” and complete missions from the viewers.

There will be so many players, I won’t be able to stand out…

It’s no secret that human nature loves “bread and circuses”, and those who know how to organize these circuses are always on the ear! It all depends on you and your mindset!

And what if I, a player, want to give a mission to another player?

And this option is also possible! The account will have a feature to switch from player mode to viewer mode.

How do I become a member?

All you need is to open the Appstore or Playmarket, download the app, connect your decentralized Metamask wallet or Trust Wallet and choose your “role”. Who are you? Viewer or player?

Does BE HAPPY have a smart contract audit?

Be Happy has been tested by leading audit companies such as SolidityFinance and SolidProof, which confirms the complete security of the smart contract, as well as the absence of technical flaws in the ecosystem.

What do I need to do to become member in the Be Happy project?

The presale starts soon, and you have the opportunity to become an early member of Be Happy! To do this, you only need to purchase a $HAP token.

When is the start of the presale and how much does the token cost at the lowest price?

Pre-Sale $HAP price: $0.06

Listing $HAP price: $0.1

Total Supply: 300.000.000

Tokens for Pre-Launch: 27.000.000

What opportunities does participation in the presale offer?

By participating in the pre-sale, you invest in your future income. Plus, you get universal access to most of the features that you can use in your game!

Who is “behind” Be Happy?

The Be Happy team is a group of professionals in each of the fields, ranging from developers and programmers, marketing department and CEO to analysts and psychologists. And, of course, the team has a huge experience and credibility in the cryptosphere. You can get acquainted with the team on the website’s Team section.

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