Yachtify (YCHT) gains Momentum as Conflux (CFX) and Theta Network (THETA) nosedive


The bulls and the bears have been taking a swing at each other since the start of the year. The price action of digital assets shows a battle between consolidation and breakthrough. The volatility in the space right now makes research on solid projects pertinent. Yachtify is a project in the space that has the interest of investors hooked. This article explains why Yachtify has gained so much attention during the bearish price trend that has rocked the Conflux (CFX) and Theta Network (THETA) ecosystems.

Why Yacthify (YCHT) is important to the crypto space

Investors who want to be a part of a recession-proof industry have a unique opportunity with Yachtify. One lucrative industry that has always been confined to the wealthy is the marine industry. However, Yachtify is altering the story and opening up this industry to everyone.

Yachtify is a secure and profitable investment, which we believe is worth having in a crypto portfolio. To secure investment, liquidity will be locked for a lifetime, the team token will be locked for three years, and the smart contract has been audited by SolidProof.

Thanks to Yachtify, investors can buy an NFT representing a real yacht for as little as $100 using the Yachtify native token, $YCHT. When these yachts are rented out, investors might profit based on their portion. Willing participants can join the Yachtify project at this time’s presale stage for just $0.10, with a 30% bonus and a potential ROI of 3,000% in the coming year.


Conflux (CFX) fails to rally after merger with Uniswap (UNI)

According to a proposal posted on the Uniswap governance forum, Conflux (CFX), a China-based public blockchain that complies with regulations, wants to implement Uniswap v3 on its network. The action was taken a few days after the code licensing for Uniswap v3 expired, allowing programmers to modify the protocol’s source code and set up a unique decentralized marketplace.

The price of Conflux (CFX) is currently $0.251 and has decreased by 14.7% in the last day. Conflux’s (CFX) all-time high (ATH), which was set at $1.71 on March 27, 2021, is now 85.3% lower. Conflux (CFX) has an aggregate quantity of 5.28 billion tokens and a present circulation supply of 2.79 billion tokens. Although Conflux (CFX) is expected to rally over time, investors nonetheless believe its spike won’t be as significant as the Yachtify presale.

Theta Network (THETA) might rally and go bullish

With its small capitalization at first, the Theta Network (THETA) cryptocurrency was a dwarf among giants. Despite this, the Theta Network (THETA) developed into something that is no longer an unknown or underdog.

Although the Theta Network (THETA) token is unstable, there is a strong long-term argument for this cryptocurrency. But will this Theta Network (THETA) price forecast persuade investors to add cryptocurrency to their portfolios? Although the token is unstable, there is a strong long-term argument for this coin. Investors are speculative if Theta Network’s (THETA) price forecast is substantial enough to influence their buying decisions in the ecosystem.

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