XRP’s Rise, Bitcoin Spark’s Surge: The Battle of Titans in the Cryptocurrency World


The cryptocurrency world continues to evolve from time to time. A more intriguing part of the niche is that massive profits are made when investing in decentralized startups. For instance, when digital currency investors invested in XRP, the cryptocurrency surged.

Incredible capital gains emanated as a result of the surge. Another promising project has emerged, Bitcoin Spak. The new entrant has incredible features that will make both large-scale and retail investors generate wealth. With the new consensus validation mechanism, Bitcoin Spark will enable decentralization and facilitate smart contract development in blockchain technology.

Will XRP Reach Mass Adoption

The question concerning the XRP surge has been tremendous in the cryptocurrency market as the digital currency has made a significant comeback after securing a win against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). As a result of the entry into corporate markets, tokenization, the extension of its ledger, and liquidity management, Ripple’s XRP has the potential to trade in double-digits.

Bitcoin Spark Sets Pace in the Decentralized Ecosystem

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The new embattled digital platform, Bitcoin Spark, has taken action to promote decentralization in blockchain technology. You might be asking how the network facilitates investor security; well, comprehensive auditing organizations, Vital Block and Cognito, audited Bitcoin Spark’s KYC and smart contract operations.

The network uses a state-of-the-art validating mechanism known as proof-of-process. Proof-of-process is known for its captivating features that amalgamate proof-of-work and proof-of-stake consensus mechanisms to run the Bitcoin Spark network. The amalgamation process enables validators and miners to confirm new blocks in the network and receive rewards. The platform also has a roadmap that contains details showcasing complete data of project development phases.

Bridging in the crypto industry is critical as it facilitates natives to transact data and digital assets to other incompatible networks. Therefore, this mechanism helps users to communicate with the blockchain technology freely. Bitcoin Spark has a bridging mechanism that, at the time of launch, will only allow BTCS as the initial bridgeable asset on the network.

Since the network has liquidity pools on platforms such as BNB smartchain, Polygon, and Ethereum, participants can receive or transfer BTCS on the Bitcoin Spark network. After the network goes live, the platform will guarantee the supply remains native. Ethereum will be limited to an aggregate bridgeable supply of 4.3 million tokens, a similar supply to the supply allocated to the ongoing initial coin offering. Bitcoin Spark will also initiate a deflationary mechanism that will burn the liquidity bridge to maintain the cross-balance of the network.

The network has a maximum supply of 21 million tokens, the same as Bitcoin’s total supply. The tokens will be distributed to mining rewards (16.45 million aggregate 78.33%) and launch supply of 4.55 million. Four million tokens from the launch supply have been allocated to the currently ongoing ICO, 50,000 BTCS tokens to the team, and 500,000 to pre-network launch liquidity exchanges and pools.

Moreover, the network is in the third phase of the presale stage when BTCS is purchased at $2 each. Unlike other imminent networks, Bitcoin Spark’s ICO phase is cheap and has attractive perks. For example, community members who purchase BCTS during this phase will receive a 12% bonus. When the launch happens on 30th November, members will have 560% launch profit as BTCS will be $10.

Learn more about Bitcoin Spark on:

Website: https://bitcoinspark.org/

Buy BTCS: https://network.bitcoinspark.org/register



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