XRP Usage in Remittances is Rising Rapidly

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Ripple is a company that isn’t exploring the traditional cryptocurrency or digital currency model. Instead, it has developed use cases for its native XRP asset in the financial sector, and things are evolving rapidly.

Many people shun Ripple and XRP because it is traded against Bitcoin and altcoins despite being a very different venture. 

More Progress for Ripple and XRP

Even so, things are progressing nicely for RIpple and its native asset.

One segment where this asset can shine is when it comes to sending or receiving money on a global scale.

Remittances are notoriously slow and expensive, making them prone to digital disruption and improvements.

Ripple is identifying these issues and trying to make the most of it accordingly.

Over the past few months, the XRP remittance volume has been rising significantly.

The dollar value of transactions on the network is also moving up nicely, further confirming how viable this approach really is.

All of this is made possible thanks to Ripple’s growing network of partners and service providers.

The main partner is MoneyGram, which has been leveraging XRP to power over 10% of its transactions between the US and Mexico.

Based on the current state of affairs, it is very likely that these figures will keep improving as more time progresses.

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