XRP Price: Solid Uptrend as Ripple Technology Gains More Recognition

CryptoMode XRP Price Bullrun

These are very interesting times for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. Although the current market momentum seems to head in a bearish direction, the XRP price shows things can be done differently as well. In fact, it seems XRP is preparing for a steady bull run, which would breathe some new life into digital asset markets.

XRP Price Turns Bullish

Similar to cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, the XRP price hasn’t had the best of runs over the past few months. Numerous setbacks have been recorded in the process, and it seems no price stability can be found at this stage. For the XRP price, that situation is no different, albeit very few people had expected anything else at this time.

Over the past 24 hours, the XRP price has risen by 9.7%. That in itself is spectacular, yet things look even better when looking at the XRP/BTC ratio. More specifically, the digital asset has gained 12.86% over Bitcoin in the past few hours, which is incredibly impressive when looking at all other markets right now. If this trend keeps up, the XRP should be able to hit $0.35 later today.

There is no shortage of excitement surrounding XRP either these days. Santander Group Executive Chairwoman Ana Botin recently issued some interesting comments in this regard. In her opinion, Ripple’s technology is safe, fully compliant, and works as advertised. That is a major vote of confidence for Ripple and its native technology, as well as XRP.

This sentiment is echoed by Andrew French, who remains impressed by the speed of XRP payments on a global scale. As can be seen from his Tweet, XRP offers plenty of solutions when it comes to settling transactions involving multiple parties without relying on physical contact or traditional payment methods. This transaction was purely wallet-to-wallet, rather than using xRapid or other technology.

Last but not least, Twitter polls show things are heading in the right direction for XRP. Although this is not an official market indicator, it is evident many people consider XRP to be the best coin under $1. Considering how XRP surpassed a value of $3 not that long ago, current prices make it seem like a bargain, according to some. It’s also interesting how Verge gets more votes than Tron and Digibyte.

All of these trends seem to indicate how the XRP price will continue to rise for quite some time to come. If the value surpasses $0.35, things will undoubtedly get very interesting. One can only hope all other markets will follow this example moving forward, albeit that seems rather unlikely at this stage. This week will be, once again, very intriguing for all cryptocurrency markets.

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