XRP Price Shows Signs of Recovering to $0.5 Soon

CryptoMode XRP Price Bullrun

There are very interesting times for all cryptocurrencies and digital assets. This is not necessarily for the right reasons, as all markets remain under severe pressure first and foremost. One notable exception is XRP, as its value continues to recover at an accelerating pace. That is a very interesting trend, albeit one that was to be expected.

XRP Price Heads Back to $0.5

It is quite uncanny to see how all other cryptocurrencies struggle. Bitcoin is the standard, which also means it can drag altcoins with it in fairly quick succession. That is never fun to watch, yet it keeps happening time and time again. There are very few currencies which can buck this trend, yet it seems XRP is doing a mighty fine job at this time. Its recovery is very peculiar.

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Over the past 24 hours, there is a net 4.5% increase in the XRP price department. There is also a  5.2% gain over Bitcoin itself, which is all the more impressive. After all, unless altcoins recover lost value against Bitcoin, their USD value will remain in the dirt as well. These trends are all rather appealing, assuming they can be sustained.

Social media is abuzz with this recent XRP price development, for rather obvious reasons. Everyone is looking for a massive market recovery, yet it seems few coins have anything to show for their efforts. The surge of XRP seems to hint at more positive developments waiting to materialize, although it is too early to make accurate predictions.

Bob Grant is one of those traders who never seems to lose faith in XRP and its recovery capabilities. After all, XRP has been far less volatile than traditional cryptocurrencies when the going gets tough. That is a commendable feature, although one has to wonder how things will look once Bitcoin starts to reclaim some of its lost value.

Raf Schippers is another individual who sees a bright future ahead for XRP. In fact, he is convinced there will be even more upward momentum moving forward, albeit one never knows if this uptrend will trigger another correction. As long as Bitcoin remains on shaky legs, there is nothing to get overly excited about just yet.

All in all, the XRP price is recovering a lot quicker than most people had anticipated. How long that can be sustained, is very difficult to predict at this time. While XRP may effectively lead the charge in terms of a full market recovery, most speculators are watching the BCH hard fork debacle play out.

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