XRP Loses Core Supporter Tiffany Hayden

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When it comes to Ripple and XRP, there are plenty of opposing opinions regarding the matter. Tiffany Hayden, notorious for supporting both projects, is seemingly exiting all XRP positions, for reasons unknown.

Every crypto asset, digital currency, or token has its own core group of “public figures”.

The Exit of Tiffany Hayden

For XRP, one of those public figures has always been Tiffany Hayden.

Having such outspoken supporters is a good thing, as they tend to raise more awareness for a project or asset. 

Earlier this week, it became apparent that Tiffany Hayden is no longer interested in XRP.

She let the world know through Twitter, explaining how she no longer holds any XRP at this time.

That is an interesting decision, although it could be a clever smoke-and-mirrors trick as well.

The past two years have not been too great for the XRP asset by any means.

Its value has decreased significantly and shows no real signs of recovering just yet.

According to Hayden, the ongoing “attacks” by the community have forced her hand. 

Getting some unwanted attention is normal when claiming to be the CEO of XRP, after all.

It seems unlikely that this will make much of an impact on the XRP price.

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