XRP Holders Can Expect The Spark (FLR) After Successful Songbird (SGB) Testing

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Holders of Ripple’s XRP will be pleased to hear there is another airdrop coming their way. Songbird, or SGB, is the canary network to Flare Network. Once Songbird deployment is complete, the Flare protocol will go live on the mainnet, and the FLR airdrop should finally commence. 

More Airdrops For XRP Holders

Even though most XRP hodlers eagerly await the Flare Protocol (FLR) airdrop, that will not happen just yet. The snapshot has been taken, but the token distribution will have to wait. There’s a good reason for this delay, as Flare is launching a canary network known as Songbird. Therefore, moving from testing Flare’s protocols in an isolated network to live testing on an operational blockchain is crucial.

The operational blockchain lets the team test features for the related main net. However, it is not the same as a testnet, as users have a balance they cannot replenish on demand. For Songbird, the native token will be SGB. That token will be airdropped to XRP holders in the coming weeks at a ratio of 1:0.1511. First, however, users will need to move their XRP balances to a wallet under their control. This airdrop will work with exchanges, but eligible users will not receive their share. Instead, all of it goes to the exchange. 

Songbird will serve multiple purposes and rolls out in phases. The first phase will see Songbird facilitate continued testing of the Flare Time Series Oracle, F-Asset systems, network architecture, and the StateConnector. Phase two, which occurs after Flare launches, lets the team test governance-led changes, including adding more F-Assets, modifications, and so forth. 

Recipients of the SGB token will gain access to governance roles. However, it will not pertain to changes coming to Songbird but primarily focus on adding more chains, price, F-Assets, and so forth. It is a slightly limited form of governance – as Flare’s team will oversee the implementation of changes without community voting – but it can still prove worthwhile to participate. 

Why Songbird Matters For The Flare Airdrop

Most XRP holders will know the Flare airdrop has not taken place yet. That is normal, as the Flare network isn’t live yet. Instead, Songbird will serve as a dedicated network to test all functionality over the next few weeks. Once this testing completes, Flare will launch on the main chain. There will also be a final audit of Flare’s code by the end of September 2021. 

For the SRB airdrop, users need to follow the same process as claiming FLR but with a different chain ID. That is because claiming the airdrop without relying on third-party custodial solutions is the only option to receive SGB tokens. Moreover, those who claimed FLR through an exchange will not receive SGB automatically unless the exchange decides to facilitate the funds forwarding process. They are not obligated to do so, however. 

These are exciting times for all XRP holders. Two airdrops are coming their way, although it will take a while until they both complete. Once the Flare testing on Songbird completes later this month, the FLR airdrop should commence shortly. Recipients will be able to access 15% of the amount directly, whereas the rest will unlock gradually. The current plan is to issue 3% of the remaining airdrop funds per month for a period of up to 34 months. 

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