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Every individual cryptocurrency community will go through its ups and downs along the way. Recent statistics outlined in a research report indicate that the XRP community is losing members quite rapidly.

The new report on digital assets is presented by eToro and The TIE.

Is XRP Really Losing Traction?

In this report, some very interesting statistics are highlighted.

One of the interesting options they explore is how actively different crypto assets are discussed on Twitter or other social media.

Social engagement is crucial when it comes to bringing crypto assets to a bigger audience.

What is rather surprising is how XRP is being discussed far less compared to a few months ago.

This leads many to believe that the so-called XRP Army is losing members very quickly.

It is certainly true that the value of XRP decreased significantly in Q1, as did most other crypto assets.

How much all of these findings will impact the future of Ripple’s native asset, remains subject to debate.

It is rather normal to see many people leave specific projects alone every now and then.

Most of those users will simply tweet about what they are holding and aim to make a profit from.

XRP Has served traders well in that regard in 2017, but early 2020 hasn’t offered too much prominent momentum just yet.

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