X10 Legends Is The Latest Play-To-Earn Phenomenon


X10 Legends is currently the latest blockchain game where players earn rewards in XTL, a form of crypto tokens which can be exchanged for real money. This phenomenon is also known as “play-to-earn” in the blockchain industry.  

In X10 Legends, players will be able to buy or collect various card packs of NFT loot boxes to obtain their favorite Chinese Martial Arts heroes. The combat power of the player is increased by upgrading the cards and card or joining clans. With a higher total combat power, players can also mine more rewards from the game through the in-game Card Staking function. By introducing a dedicated marketplace, NFTs and blockchain technology, the trading of NFT assets are more secure and represents the players’ true ownership. 

Players can also put their NFTs up for sale on the in-game marketplace. 

A few days after X10 Legends’ launch, a thriving ecosystem was quickly formed. Other than top players with impressive combat power being listed on the leaderboards, Martial Arts Characters NFTs are being listed in the marketplace and snatched up for prices as high as 10 times their price.

Tom Leung, founder of X10 Legends, commented, “We’re seeing an emerging trend of the more popular characters such as Guojing being listed for more than 1000% the price it cost to open the loot box, even if it is simply a grey card. Nolstalgia could be a huge contributing factor to the bidding behavior in our marketplace, and it is really exciting to see what other new surprises might emerge.”

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