World League Live Brings The Beautiful Game to the Blockchain

CryptoMode World League Live

World League Live (WLL) Is a sports metaverse arcade mobile football game that brings players and fans closer together and lets both participate in the ownership economies of the blockchain in a way that helps them get real-world value out of their love of the beautiful game. 

WLL is already available for players to play on mobile, and 100,000s have already done just that. The frantic football action, deep suite of integrated social features, and thriving in-game economy means that World League Live will take the sports metaverse by storm.

What is World League Live?

World League Live is an arcade football game that also acts as a hub for a multi-sport metaverse and digital arena.

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The game plays at a breakneck pace, with the ball zipping up and down the pitch, defenders flying into slide tackles, and strikers powering up supershots on goal when the team strings together enough passes. The arcade action plays at a frenzied pace, designed to keep games short, fast, and action-packed. 

Players can grab one of the many power ups littered around the pitch to help them shimmy past their opponents and smash the ball past the onrushing goalkeeper. A robust tournament system is in place, and players can compete both in the regular season against friends and strangers, as well as walk the Trophy Road and try to claim ultimate glory, and the rewards, for themselves.

A Fully Integrated Social Platform

Key to the atmosphere of the game is the in-built video chat and social features, which allow you to see your opponents howls of despair as you thrash another unstoppable shot past his beleaguered goalie. Highlight moments become hilarious as players laugh and cheer at the action unfolding on the pitch. 

These social features are crucial to create a vibrant virtual space which is at the heart of the World League Live project. Through this playful portal, WLL wants to bridge the gap between clubs, players and their fans, and in doing so will help drive adoption of web3 in the traditional sporting world. 

Extensive Partnerships with Clubs and Superstars

To do this, WLL is building an official base of licensed partnerships with major sports teams and already has a launch agreement with FC Utrecht. The team is expanding partnerships all the time, with the current team up with legendary striker Alessandro Del Piero and football influencer Arat currently ongoing. 

The partnership involves the release of the first ever World League Live player NFT, and players and managers can use their Del Piero NFT in game to put their opponents to the sword. Each player’s Del Piero will level up as they gain experience, adding new experiences, new skills, and more. Out of game, holders will be invited to community events, and are in with a chance to play against the man himself at a Play With The Stars event.

No NFTs are required to play World League Live though. Web3 mechanics like NFTs and play-to-earn are available to those who want them, but to everyone else who isn’t interested, WLL plays just like a mobile game, with every feature unlocked. The team hopes the game acts as a bridge to help new users get into web3 through their love of sports.

Play with the Stars Online

It’s all part of World League’s Live “Play with the Stars” initiative, where users can have direct interaction with the players they love. World League Live’s in-game NFTs, beginning with the Del Piero launch, are the centrepiece of a wider football ecosystem that helps get fans into web3 and helps connect players and their fans more closely, and help create an in-game economy that rewards players with real world value and gives them a chance to earn real world value.

During each “Play with the Stars”, NFT mints like the Del Piero mint will run, and users can grab hold of one for themselves. The NFTs act as tickets to specialised boutiques of experiences set up by the World League Live team in tandem with the superstars and club giants they partner with. This can include unlocking in-game tokens WLF (FAME), skins for your in-game characters, emotes, tickets to real life games at clubs, and playing one-on-one with your favourite football player on World League Live itself. 

A special tournament will run during every Play with the Stars event where players compete. For example with the Del Piero event, The 10 players on top of the leaderboard will have a chance to play and video chat with Del Piero in a live event that will be streamed on the superstar’s social media channels. 

Sport Hero Card NFTs to Fuel Sports Metaverse Economy

The NFTs, called Heros Cards, can also be sold on to new fans who want the benefits of a World League Live NFT (which can be continuous and ongoing, for example a club-NFT may offer free tickets every month). They can also, in the case of the players, be upgraded in game to look, sound, and play better. Newer players can grab one of these legends out the gate to help power up their march up the World League Live global rankings. 

A manager’s entire team can be personalised with all their favourite players doing all their iconic skills, shots, and celebrations as they chase title glory. Hero Cards, as well as being mintable during events, will also be acquireable through AR scavenger hunts. Participating in AR Quests is a fantastic way for users to collect new signings for their team and to train them to be the best. The feature is planned for launch in 2023. The team behind WLL has a storied background in AR, with’s runaway success in the space their brainchild. 

World League Live Going for Goal

The team is now turning their attention to the world of sports. World League Live football is just the first of a whole ecosystem of web3-enabled sports franchising that they have planned. By helping sports move on-chain, and by unlocking the latent potential of the blockchain, World League Live thrusts ownership, value, and control into the hands of the end-user, the fan and radically stimulates value for sports stakeholders. So get ready for kick off, and join the hundreds of thousands of sports fans who are already making World League Live their home in web3.

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