With Tamadoge and MoBox Looking Static, Crypto Investors are Looking for Other Credible Alternatives


If anything fuels investment decisions and profit-making in the crypto market, it is growth! Growth is essential, for any crypto project, as it’s the only organic pull for a price rise, attracting and retaining investors. This is why crypto projects ensure they propel their growth through different means such as features, technologies, and utilities.

Once a crypto project stops growing or hits a decline, it is natural to have investors and token holders seek other credible alternatives. Holders of these tokens are now searching for the most promising and credible crypto project to shift their portfolios. With various revolutionary plans, and an outstanding blend of technology and community building, no project satisfies these criteria better than Pikamoon.

Tamadoge: A Static Token Births Dissatisfied Holders

The Tamadoge ecosystem features a mix of NFTs and virtual pets. Here, users earn tokens, keep track of their growth, and take part in battles with other players. The project’s goal is to be the “meme king” of the industry, hence, seeking to integrate technologies and features such as the metaverse, play-to-earn (P2E) blockchain gaming, and NFT trading.

Also, in the Tamaverse, every fictitious pet is a non-fungible token that can be sold, bought, or exchanged in the NFT store. This entire platform is powered by its native token — $TAMA. It’s the means of payment for all transactions in the Tamaverse, whether buying NFTs from the store or transactions between users.

Upon its launch, $TAMA proved to be a huge catch for investors, hitting an all-time high of $0.1957 a month after its presale. However, it has not been a rosy tale since the end of 2022. The token has had difficulty keeping up with its momentum. This makes its investors seeking an alternative investment with guaranteed returns. Pikamoon token seems to be the choice of many and this isn’t a surprise. Many investors believe the soon-to-be-launched Pikamoon will deliver mind blowing returns, which explains why they are now pitching their tent with $PIKA.

MOBOX ($MBOX) is Losing Investors as It Struggles to Better its Fortune

MoBox combines automated optimized DeFi yield farming and gaming NFTs to deliver a superior GameFi metaverse in the MOMOverse. The MOMOverse is a cross-platform metaverse available on all devices, regardless of your location. The platform rewards players, developers, and collectors for their engagement.

$MBOX is the utility token of the MoBox platform. This token helps in areas such as In-game Currency, Governance Token, Liquidity Mining and a chance at winning Chance at Winning Any of the NFT Mystery Boxes.

However, despite recording huge successes in the months after its launch, $MBOX equally took a hit at the start of Q2 2021. Since the start of crypto winter, the journey has not been smooth for MBOX and its holders are seeking a safe haven.

Pikamoon is that New Kid on the Block Ready to Moon

Pikamoon is a Play2earn project that leverages exceptional gameplay, an enthusiastic community, two leading metaverse and NFTs blockchains (MultiversX and Ethereum), and an in-game marketplace, NFTs. This platform also presents one of the fastest-growing GameFi tokens, $PIKA.

Pikamoon Adventure gives gamers a standout gaming experience in an adventure-filled metaverse called the Pikaverse. In this gaming world, every gamer can create an empire by going on adventures to earn $PIKA or NFTs and trading assets in the marketplace.

$PIKA is one of the fastest-growing Play2Earn tokens thanks to its application as a utility token in different facets of this project. $PIKA is the reward token for gamers in the Pikaverse, allows users to win one of the 18,012 NFTs for FREE, and is the payment medium of the in-game marketplace.

These utilities and $PIKA tokenomics fuel its growth with strategically created demand and price increases. By burning 5% of the token spent on the in-game marketplace forever, for example, $PIKA’s supply reduces over time. This supply decrease, combined with the utility built around the token, creates more demand and value for the token organically.

With experts tipping this token to record explosive profits, Pikamoon is that project with a high reward potential you seek for a change. So don’t wait, get in on the action now and prepare to watch your investment soar to new heights. With Pikamoon, the sky’s the limit!

Find out more about Pikamoon (PIKA):

Buy Now: https://pikamoon.io/buy

Website: https://pikamoon.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pikamooncoin

Telegram: https://t.me/pikamooncoins


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