With DeFi Set To Post Big Bull Market Gains, Market Researchers Eye SmarterWorx (ARTX), Fantom (FTM), And THORChain (RUNE)


Blockchain technology’s rise has been characterized by massive hype attributed to the decentralization of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. DeFi is set to post considerable gains to early investors at the onset of the incoming bull market. While this is true, only some projects will profit from investors. Scammers and pure hype projects without utility drive most DeFi protocols. This is why speculators and experts are eyeballing SmarterWorx, Fantom, and THORChain.  

Fantom and THORChain are lucrative deals.

Fantom ranks (at the time of writing) 71st in the top 100 list of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The platform offers a scalable, open-source, and next-gen blockchain network that provides investors with decentralized products and services. The platform was developed to counter Ethereum’s shortcomings and rose to ranks quickly during the last bull market. THORChain, on the other hand, is a platform that offers decentralized liquidity for users to exchange digital currencies across various networks safely and securely. The project ranks (at the time of writing) 74th in terms of the top most significant crypto projects by market capitalization.

SmarterWorx’s future will surprise early investors

SmarterWorx is a new Decentralized Finance (DeFi) project that promises to disrupt the entire crypto and art world. The project is the first of its kind, offering a treasury fund for crypto lovers, art collectors, and NFT enthusiasts to invest in valuable art from a retail point of view. SmarterWorx is currently on presale, with plans underway to launch the ecosystem soon. Upon full integration, SmarterWorx will invest in physical art. A team of certified experts and curators will participate in finding art with the highest promising returns.

The collection process will be steady to develop a valuable portfolio that is owned by the holders of the ecosystem’s native cryptocurrency, ARTX token. SmarterWorx has partnered with Courtyard.io to insure, store and secure tangible art pieces in private vaults. Furthermore, the partnership mandates Courtyard.io to mint a replica of the tangible assets on the blockchain network to develop exclusive NFT collections backed by real art. These Non-Fungible Tokens will be stored on the blockchain network for transparency and accountability.

In addition, SmarterWorx’s roadmap highlights the development of an NFT marketplace that will allow NFT artists and curators to mint tokens at a cheaper rate than the industry-leading NFT marketplace, OpenSea. What makes the project interesting is that investors purchasing the token now during the presale stage will make 775% after the launch. Buy ARTX tokens today and start accumulating wealth.

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Join Presale: https://smarterworx.io/buy/

Website: https://smarterworx.io/

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