Wirex Users are Being Targeted by a new Phishing Email


It would appear that the number of phishing emails related to cryptocurrency will not diminish soon. A new email is making the rounds, and it seemingly targets users of the Wirex platform.

For those unaware, Wirex is one of the few cryptocurrency debit cards providers on the market.

A Wirex Phishing Email Appears

It was formerly known as E-Coin.

For some reason, criminals are now targeting users of this service through a phishing email.

It is not difficult to distinguish between the fake message and a genuine email.

First of all, the sender’s address is clearly visible as coming from the InternationalPurchase.info domain.

Secondly, the link in the email has nothing to do with the Wirex domain.

As is common with phishing emails, culprits hope to collect user information.

They claim the link must be clicked as part of a new “security integration”.

While that may seem like a clever excuse, it is apparent that anyone with a brain won’t fall for this phishing attempt.

In the past few weeks, several phishing attempts have popped up.

Wirex is just the latest in a growing list.

Many assumed these emails would stop, as the trend had seemingly quieted down in late 2019.

It appears that crypto enthusiasts will remain a plausible target for criminals regardless. 

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