A lot of changes have happened in the world of cryptocurrency credit cards over the past couple of months and as per latest reports, Wirex has just added Ethereum support to their native debit card.

The European Crypto Debit Card Situation

Since early 2018, there have been some noteworthy changes as far as European debit cards linked to cryptocurrencies are concerned. With Visa cracking down on many of these products rather aggressively, most companies have had to rely on Wavecrest as a Visa partner to stay in business.

One crypto enabled debit-card provider still operating in Europe is Wirex. The company has made a name for itself in this industry and is still offering cards that support a wide array of alt currencies including Litecoin, Bitcoin.

To make things even more interesting, the company has now decided to add Ethereum support which is quite interesting, since most people do not associate Ethereum with payments. Wirex will also let users purchase Ether from their website or mobile app with fiat currency, which is another intriguing development to keep an eye on.

Final Thoughts

Considering how there are a fair few companies trying to make an impact in the debit card industry through Ethereum, it seems the company has effectively beat all of its contemporaries to the punch. It now remains to be seen how this decision will pan out for Wirex.

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