Will the Mobile Platform Continue to Dominate the Gaming Industry?

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Many of the games widely considered to be the best each year are released on consoles, with computers famously offering the best and most competitive gaming experience, and yet mobile is the biggest gaming platform in the world. Smartphones have revolutionised everyday life, but few would have expected the devices to have such a massive impact on the gaming industry when we were still using the dial buttons 2-4-8-6 as controls not too long ago.

Mobile game apps have been nothing short of a phenomenon in gaming, and may actually be helping to get more people to try the other forms of digital gaming. Last year, around 2.4 billion people globally played mobile games, with the total time spent in gaming apps being second only to social media. Stats like these support the expectation of mobile gaming continuing to grow in dominance within the industry, expected to contribute nearly 60 percent of the global games market’s revenues by next year.

So, how did the mobile platform become such a behemoth of gaming, and what technological revolutions are coming to boost the entertainment medium to new heights?

Why is mobile gaming so popular?

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The simple answer is that it’s convenient and entertaining. Smartphones have either become a necessity in modern life or, in many developing nations, are the primary source of access to the internet. Venture onto any app store, and you’ll see stacks of exciting-looking gaming apps at the ready, most of which are free to download and fit snugly into the incredibly accessible space of casual and hyper-casual gaming.

As it stands, the top paid games are mostly big names from other platforms of gaming, with the likes of Minecraft, Football Manager, Plague Inc., and Bloons TD 6 – the latter two of which derive from popular browser titles, showing that other gamers are into mobile gaming, too. However, all of the top-grossing games are free-to-play, including the game-creator title Roblox, the slot machine-based Coin Master, cross-platform sensation Fortnite, and the activity-inducing Pokémon Go.

The fact that all of these games are readily at-hand, and mostly free for anyone who wants to try them out, means that accessibility in mobile gaming is at an all-time high. After playing for a while, mobile gamers are more than happy to pay in some money to improve their experience in some way, be it by skipping time walls or changing the appearance of their in-game avatar.

Ever-improving technology bodes well for mobile’s future

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Mobile gaming came around as a technological revolution in convenience. Now that it’s established a scene for gaming, many players will seek the highest-quality experiences that push the technology to its limits, at least aesthetically. Fortnite seemingly achieved this feat by effectively being a console game that’s playable via the internet, but there are many more platforms that are pushing the limits of mobile gaming.

Specifically designed to offer a mobile gaming experience that’s identical to computer-based gaming, the Mobile Wins slots selection has infused all of its hundreds of titles into one mobile platform. The latest and most spec-demanding games like Planet of the Apes, King Kong Fury, Jurassic World, and Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs all feature alongside the even more ground-breaking mobile live casino titles on the platform.

More tech companies are seeing the mobile platform as the gateway to an even larger audience, too, with both Google and Microsoft weighing-in with game-changing technology. Stadia is already offering its users the chance to stream triple-A video games to a selection of mobile phones, with Project xCloud’s massive library of Xbox games set to exceed the bar set by Google’s platform later this year.

It’s impossible to understate the appeal of mobile gaming around the world. As innovators continue to improve the standard, even more people will see their smartphone as the go-to source for gaming.  

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