Will Floki Inu (FLOKI) Rebound And Why Is Sentiment Souring Slightly?


There is no shortage of meme currencies in the world of cryptocurrency. Several new dog-themed projects have surfaced due to Elon Musk openly promoting and shilling Dogecoin. Floki Inu is one such currency, and it draws several elements from Shiba Inu yet also offers improvements in other segments. 

A Brief Intro To Floki Inu

With all of these dog-themed currencies coming to market, it can be tough to separate one from the next. For Floki Inu, choosing the FLOKI ticker might not be the best idea, as several currencies use it already. Even so,  this project is the creation of Shiba Inu community members and has partnered Kimbal Musk – brother of Elon Musk – and his Million Gardens Movement. In addition, solving food insecurity through digital means, such as crypto and blockchain, can be a significant development.

Moreover, Floki Inu will gain utility and flagship products. Developer saim to build the Valhalla NFT gaming metaverse, Flokiplaces – an NFT and merch marketplace- and Flokii University, a content and education platform. Very ambitious plans for a currency that most people will look at as a meme coin and nothing more. FLOKI is a deflationary currency, and the contract was audited by Solidity Finance a while ago. It exists on Ethereum and BSC.

Source: CoinGecko

With cryptocurrencies, most people are only interested in price performance. FLOKI is going through a bit of a dip now, with a net 19% loss for the day. Considering how Foli Inu recorded an all-time high three days ago, a correction is expected. Moreover, FLOKI is up by over 415% for the month, which is rather impressive. A bounce can occur at any given moment, although markets will remain fickle. 

Reddit Presence Needs Work

While the functionality being built by the Floki Inu developers is interesting, it appears the community struggles to come together. More specifically, there are thousands of users holding FLOKI, yet the Reddit community consists of less than 4,400 people. It is an issue that the team can resolve very quickly, but certainly something the Floki Inu team should work on. 

Souring Sentiment Due To Lack of FOMO

It is interesting to see how the Floki Inu Reddit is shared with posts of negativity at the moment. One user even claims no FOMO is surrounding this coin, which will make it fall apart very quickly. While it is understandable the success of Shiba Inu and other currencies blinds some people, not all currencies behave the same way. People who invest in crypto assets need to be patient, and the monthly FLOKI price performance is still more than respectable. 

Major CEX Listing Speculation

One way of building FOMO for FLOKI is by getting the token listed on bigger exchanges. The likes of Uniswap and PancakeSwap are good starting points but will not generate long-term results. Gate.io and MEXC Global are a step in the right direction. Those platforms can bring in trading volume. Beyond that, it remains unclear where FLOKI might show up next.

Robinhood Petition is Underway

No one should bat an eye at every small token trying to get listed on Robinhood these days. Floki Inu community members have similar ambitions, even if the token is nowhere near Dogelon Mars of Shiba Inu in traction or market cap. However, the petition to get FLOKI on Robinhood is live and seems to be building some minor steam. Certainly worth keeping an eye on.  

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