Will Avorak AI One-Stop-Shop For AI Tools Help BNB Price Predictions For 2023?


What is Avorak?

Avorak is a new and exciting project being launched on BNB Smart Chain.

Set to provide a wide variety of AI services, Avorak is generating significant interest due to its unique way of directing payments through blockchain and the tokenomics involved, which will reward investors with a significant share of the revenue.

Encompassing a trading bot and a full set of automated indicators, a text-to-image generator, an AI writer, and many other features, this is sure to be one jam-packed system with an enormous potential customer base.

What Effect Could It Have On BNB?

BNB has stayed more stable over the 2022-2023 bear market than many other cryptocurrencies. With one of the largest numbers of users of any blockchain, BNB Smart Chain is a force to be reckoned with and has maintained its top 5 positions on the crypto by market cap table for a considerable amount of time.

One of the reasons for this is the sheer quantity of projects available on BNB Smart Chain. With such an array of blockchain-based games, decentralized finance applications, NFTs, and more, the attraction to those wishing to explore the realms of cryptocurrency is strong. With such a symbiotic relationship between network coins and network projects, anything that creates incredible demand for a network will typically generate demand for the coin.

Project Usage To Network Coin Price Correlation

As has been seen with many projects historically, they can significantly influence the price of the network token they are on. The NFT craze, when all NFTs on Ethereum could only be purchased with ETH, sent ETH many multiples in value vs. Bitcoin. Projects launching on Avalanche and Terra caused AVAX and LUNA coins to go through the roof in valuation.

It is no surprise, then, that when such a promising project like Avorak comes along, hints of discussion about the effect on the network rise up again.

Only time will tell how much effect AVRK has on BNB, but for those wanting to ride any wave upwards, now would be the time to get in.

Want to learn more about Avorak AI?

Website: https://avorak.ai
Whitepaper: https://avorak-labs-and-technology.gitbook.io/avorak-a.i-technical-whitepaper/


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