In an interview with a respected media outlet a couple of days back, Jimmy Wales, the brains behind Wikipedia, said that his not-for-profit venture will “never” hold an ICO or issue its own cryptocurrency.

Mr. Wales was recently spotted at a blockchain event in Berlin where he let it be known that he was “never going to launch an ICO.” He clearly stated that he had no interest in such a venture, especially since many ICOs were “absolute scams” and offered the public with services that had “no value.”

However, with that being said, he did add:

“Even though I have my reservations regarding blockchain, it is nevertheless a super-interesting technology. However, there is clearly a lot of mania and hype around it.”

Closing out his interview, Wales said that Wikipedia will keep functioning via its traditional route- i.e donations. At the time of writing this article, Wikipedia accepts cryptocurrencies as donations— a practice that was started by the company in 2014.

Till date, the encyclopedia platform has procured more than £140,000 in crypto assets via donations.

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