Why Your Crypto Business Needs a Success-Based PR Agency


Most crypto entrepreneurs know that to succeed in the modern market landscape, you need good PR on your side. This means having your brand image being tailored properly and your brand message being amplified to reach the right audience. 

A good crypto PR firm will do this for you by getting your business featured in top publications that your target audience reads and trusts, having your campaign message widely circulated, and making sure that your brand is well-curated to the public. 

While most crypto PR firms on the market offer the traditional services you’d expect, one category of PR firms is becoming more popular in the industry; success-based PR firms. This is because compared to ‘traditional’ firms, they offer businesses much more value for money and confidence in their services.

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Considering patronizing a success-based PR firm? Here are a few reasons why you should;

1. Value for Money 

The biggest appeal of success-based PR firms is the value for money that they offer. The way they operate is that clients are only charged if the results that the agency promises are delivered. In a typical agency setting, the customer pays a periodic or flat fee for the agency to circulate press releases and articles about the business to drum up publicity. 

The issue with this is that the customer has to pay this fee whether these efforts yield results or not. Imagine paying a significant amount of money for PR services that do not actually yield any results in the end. 

This is where success-based PR agencies come in. Take CTRL PR, for example. When a client comes on board, the agency develops a PR strategy that includes the publication of features on certain sites. The client is charged only if the features are actually published. 

As such, you are paying not for the agency to attempt to get your company featured but only if the feature actually happens. This means every dollar spent is based on results and this gives more value to businesses. 

2. Guarantee of Visibility 

It has been said before that marketing is what you pay for and PR is what you pray for. This means that most times when you hire a PR agency, you are simply hoping that your business will get the visibility that it seeks. As some agencies will tell you, they will do their best but can’t guarantee that your business will get good PR and visibility. 

This means that you will be playing Russian roulette and hoping for the best. With a success-based PR agency like CTRL PR, results are promised when it comes to publications and features on top websites. When the agency says that your business will be featured in X or Y publications, they are not saying that they will try to get your business featured but that the business will be featured. 

And on the off chance that the feature does not happen, your business will not have to pay anything.

3. Faster Delivery of Results 

Usually, when a crypto business engages a PR company to get them visibility on certain sites or publications, they are doing so with a timeline in mind. Perhaps a new product or service is launching on a particular date and the business needs publicity in the days or weeks leading up to this. 

With traditional PR agencies, because there is no guarantee of publication, there is also no guarantee of publication date. This means that your businesses’ entire PR timeline is not set in stone and might be disrupted. 

As success-based PR firms like CTRL PR are able to guarantee publication, they are also typically able to guarantee some sort of publication date. This is because they have a long-standing relationship with the publications themselves and get features published on a certain date or even within 24 hours in some cases. 

As CTRL PR CEO Navid Ladani explains, “When you’ve been working with a site or editor for a long time, they’re willing to do favors for you. If a client has an urgent press release that needs to hit a site in 12 hours, I can call in a favor and get it done.” 

PR Success

Because of how fast-paced and competitive the crypto world is now, crypto businesses cannot afford to spend time and money on agencies based on promises. Instead, you need to get value for your money, which success-based PR agencies specialize in, from planning to execution.

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