Why You Should Consider Gnox (GNOX), Cosmos (ATOM), And Uniswap (UNI) To Rescue Your Portfolio From The Bear


Has your portfolio taken a big hit in the last few weeks? If it has—you’re note alone. The whole crypto market has been suffering. And not just the crypto market—global markets are down in a big way too. Even traditional stocks and shares. So while the market is struggling across the board, some crypto bulls are actually investing more right now. They think these projects and coins are available at a big discount. While nobody can be sure what the true bottom will be, there are actually still a few coins in the crypto world that have been performing well. Some of these might be the best options to help diversify your risk, or even rescue your portfolio.

GNOX bucks bear market trends

GNOX’s performance over the last few weeks has been remarkable. When losses are occurring across the whole market, its resilience and strength has stood out. GNOX is up over 60% in the last few weeks, all while still undergoing a pre-sale. More token burns are planned to reduce supply even more. Could prices continue to surge?

While that remains to be seen, they’ve already sold over 49.5million coins.

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Why has GNOX performed so well? It solves a key problem in the crypto world, one that has often held it back from further uptake by mainstream retail investors. That’s because GNOX is the first crypto platform to offer yield farming as a service.

By levying a sales tax, GNOX builds up a treasury of funds which are then invested into other DeFi protocols. The proceeds from these investments are paid back to GNOX holders every month. That means they get real passive income returns, without having to manage things like loaning protocols, liquidity pooling and staking themselves. In fact, Gnox holders don’t even need to know what these things even mean. They just get the passive income, and none of the stress. That’s why GNOX has been surging in price recently.

Cosmos (ATOM)

Cosmos is another hugely interesting blockchain project. Aiming to create an “internet of blockchains”, Cosmos is working on an ecosystem where all sorts of platforms are able to communicate with them in a decentralized manner. Like much of the crypto market, it has suffered losses in the last few weeks. But at time of writing, Cosmos’ coin ATOM is actually up over the last 24 hours.

Uniswap (UNI)

As the biggest decentralized exchange in the crypto world, Uniswap is crucial in the future innovation of the DeFi space. Built on Ethereum, Uniswap is key in helping its users swap, trade and earn with a range of crypto services. They’ve also had a tough few weeks, but like Cosmos, are rebounding somewhat with gains in the last 24 hours (as of time of writing).


We think these 3 platforms could help your portfolio over the next few months. While prices are still volatile, all three of these projects have a ton of potential for the long-term crypto landscape.

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