Why poker players love investing in crypto

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Many poker players are becoming interested in investing in crypto. They love playing the game, but they want to be able to withdraw their winnings – and see their winnings possibly appreciate over time after investing it properly.

Why is crypto so popular among poker players then? One of the reasons is that they can use their winnings without any taxes. They also enjoy the anonymity and decentralization of crypto investing which is not possible with traditional investments like stocks or bonds. While there are also some funds and mutual funds that have access to cryptocurrencies, poker players prefer owning both their keys and coins. If you play on crypto poker sites, you want to make sure there’s upside to doing it compared to traditional gambling.

Another reason is that crypto investing does not make the players lose any sleep – it’s very different from poker because it’s much less stressful. Poker players are very competitive, but investing is more about playing for fun and getting relaxed with less pressure. After all, you’re faced with a ton of decisions when playing online poker over multiple tables, but after you’ve invested in crypto for long term, you can sit back and watch how it plays it. This can be done as simply as putting in a chunk of money into Bitcoin, Ethereum or other top crypto and watching how the investment grows over a few years.

Cryptocurrencies were originally developed as a digital form of currency for use as money. There’s no central body behind crypto – a trait that poker players absolutely love. This means that the price of a cryptocurrency can fluctuate at extreme levels based solely on market speculation. Cryptocurrency is a speculative investment, but it plays a large role in hedging even for big investors. 

Given its volatility and the possibility that the entire value of a cryptocurrency investment could go down, investors who don’t think they can handle market fluctuations may want to stay away. Well, poker players are hungry for plays that have a positive expected value both at the tables & outside the tables, making crypto an ideal investment for them. 

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