Why MetaFans Is What A Sports NFT Project Is Supposed To Be

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The year 2021 in crypto will almost certainly go down as the year NFTs exploded onto the scene. Sports fans are a big reason for that. After all, NBA TopShot NFTs saw collectors become millionaires during the beta launch. 

Here’s the thing. Many sports NFT projects are more aware of protecting their brands and monetizing their intellectual property than they are of building a community of sports fans that actually care about the end product and wish to engage with it.

MetaFans aims to change all that by being what a sports NFT project is supposed to be. A community centric, sports fan friendly art project that gets fanatics engaged in the sports teams and athletes they love the most.

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The project is already collaborating with its own lineup of brand ambassadors including current and former NFL players like Dan Marino, Jason Taylor, and Raheem Mostert, Major League Baseball player Anthony Rizzo, and sports broadcaster Joy Taylor among others.

MetaFans Combines All the Key Parts of a Successful Sports NFT Project

Armed with many notable sports legends of the past and modern-day stars of the present, MetaFans adds in all the key ingredients to building a successful sports NFT product. 

NFT holders can join the project’s exclusive Diamond Club, which allows holders of MetaFans NFTs to exchange, discuss, and collaborate with influencers and entrepreneurs in an exclusive manner that empowers fans to achieve success in crypto and specifically within their sports NFT collecting journey.

Another cool aspect of the project is that the Genesis MetaFans NFTs give people access to exclusive digital collections that they would normally get at in-person events (like digital bobbleheads for example), and also gives collectors access to digital accessories for their NFTs.

Couple that with the fact that the same NFTs can be used to get exclusive access to actual physical merchandise in real life and there are plenty of benefits to owning a MetaFans NFT asset.

The last and perhaps best benefit to owning a Genesis MataFans NFT specifically is that collectors get access to FanEpacks. FanEpacks are a way for collectors to receive exclusive giveaways that they get just because they got into the project early and believed in it when other people didn’t. 

That’s one of the key ways for a project to build loyal brand followers that stick with it through thick and thin.

MetaFans certainly has all the key ingredients of a project set for take off, including a well-known artist as a cofounder, meaning there is a built-in fan base hungry for the project.

Why MetaFans Exists

Maxfield Bala is a world-renowned artist that cofounded MetaFans alongside Marlon Phillips. The duo  is working together on the project out of frustration. They don’t believe that most sports properties do a good job of building a community, and they also want to give sports fans special access to games and other events at discounted prices. They want to bring fans closer to their favourite sports brands and athletes than they’ve ever been before.

The Future of MetaFans

The initial goal of the public sale of MetaFans was to raise money for the project. Conquering the milestones as set out in the roadmap is going well thus far. In the future, the project plans to buy land on Decentraland, and build out stadiums and other sports-related amenities that turn MetaFans NFTs into digital assets with real utility that allow owners to create avatars of themselves, attend events, and live out their sports fandom in the digital realm. All on the blockchain of course.

MetaFans plans to be a big part of the future, both of sports NFTs and the metaverse. The fun and fandom is only just beginning.

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