Why Is Big Eyes Here To Stay? Enjoy A Deep Dive Into Purpose-Driven Currencies: Big Eyes, The Sandbox, And Litecoin


Is cryptocurrency some sort of a holy grail that grants everyone everything they wish for? Nobody knows that yet, but there certainly are some rules of the industry that we better adhere to if we’re to expect any profits potentially in the future. The rule of thumb to try any digital token is to first dive into it, familiarize oneself with how it works and come up with a plan to play it their way. To help pass this first stage of buying any token, we’ve laid down a brief principle these tokens are based on. The coins include Big Eyes (BIG), The Sandbox (SAND), and Litecoin (LTC).

Big Eyes (BIG) The New Meme Coin

Big Eyes (BIG) leaves Dogecoin and Shiba Inu way behind in the ranks as it brings a relatively newer version of meme coin, which integrates the utility side, and is more centric on offering applications. This aspect has significantly helped Big Eyes (BIG) make a name for itself, raising almost 8 million USD in the presale stage. The coin is yet to launch and is already ruling over the internet. The industry has very well understood the dynamics and pain points of the audience. It rightly hits those points and offers a solution to the unending problems of the community – climate change, to be precise.

Climatic conditions are getting worse day by day, and crypto was always considered another cause adding more to it. Big Eyes (BIG) has turned the odds by establishing a solution that is neither damaging to the environment nor a burden on the economy. Contrarily, it aims to revive the environment by cleaning the oceans as one of its core objectives. A collab is expected with charity organizations in the future to devise an entire strategy to cope with these challenges. You’ll not only get to leverage the monetary part of the token but play your role in contributing to society, intentionally or intentionally. 5% of the Big Eyes’ (BIG) will be used for the greater good of humanity.

Big Eyes (BIG) introduces memes to its network as NFTs, enabling its community to build familiarity with the Meta space. This exposure will help you play a long game in this industry because the more adapted and aligned you’ll be with the future realities, the more your chances to thrive for decades. The best part is an abundant supply of Big Eyes (BIG) is available at a meagre price. Get hold of it at just 0.0001 USD – it is way cheaper than those giants in the meme world yet offers more applications comparatively.

The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox (SAND) is more of a virtual 3D gameplay that enables its community members to enjoy the gaming experience and build 3D art that can later be sold. Thus, it adds to another income stream. The Sandbox (SAND) is flourishing with its position at #47 on coinmarketcap.

Litecoin (LTC) Meeting The Gaps

Litecoin (LTC) was launched in 2011 after Bitcoin, with the core purpose of meeting the gaps that the latter failed to address. It’s been a decade since its launch, and multiple other comparatively better versions of digital currencies have been released. Despite that, Litecoin stands at #20 on coinmarketcap.


Funneling down to one coin is pretty challenging in this case, as the features vary extensively. Still, if we had to come up with one name – it would have been Big Eyes (BIG) as it caters to future challenges and goes a step beyond that by providing a solution too.

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