Why BudBlockz Will Pump 10x Faster Than Bitcoin in 2023


The cryptocurrency market is constantly in flux, with prices bouncing up and down all the time. But one thing is for sure – Bitcoin will not be the only game in town for much longer. In fact, there are plenty of reasons to believe that BudBlockz could easily surpass bitcoin in terms of price within just a few years.

Here are some key reasons BudBlockz could easily pump 10x faster than bitcoin in 2023.

Unlike Bitcoin, BudBlockz Has Utility

BudBlockz is a network built on the Ethereum blockchain to bring together cannabis lovers and stakeholders in the cannabis industry. 

BudBlockz plans on opening a global eCommerce store where all cannabis fans can purchase marijuana products in a safe and private environment. The platform also plans on establishing dispensaries and farms in as many weed-friendly jurisdictions as possible to increase the production of cannabis and cannabis-related businesses.

Using decentralized finance, the platform will also help cannabis entrepreneurs raise capital for starting their businesses.  It is a big step in the cannabis sector, as lack of finances is one of the major hindrances when starting a cannabis business.

BudBlockz has entered the market intending to help cannabis lovers and businesses, unlike bitcoin, which doesn’t have a core function beyond being a digital currency. 

BudBlockz Has a Robust Community Supporting It

The team behind BudBlockz is active on social media and always working hard to promote the project. Ithas led to a growing community of supporters who are enthusiastic about the project and eager to see it succeed. 

BudBlockz also allows fans to purchase NFTs, representing partial ownership of cannabis dispensaries and farms. Owning part of the project’s investments further strengthens the sense of community and desire to see the project flourish. Itis in contrast with bitcoin, which often seems to be plagued by negativity and infighting.

BudBlockz Is Already Witnessing Increased Adoption

Another reason BudBlockz is likely to pump 10 times faster than bitcoin is that it is already seeing increased adoption from both businesses and individuals. Thanks to its many advantages, such as a chance to be part of a vibrant community of cannabis lovers, access to NFTS and partial ownership of cannabis farms and dispensaries, the ability to access De-Fi loans, and a P2E gaming platform where BudBlockz members can enjoy vintage-inspired games.

BudBlockz Has an Exciting Roadmap

Finally, BudBlockz has an exciting vision for the future, which includes plans to launch several new features and products such as a global cannabis marketplace, a gaming platform, and an NFT marketplace as well as physical dispensaries in weed-friendly states.

All these developments will make it easier for cannabis users to make use of the blockchain platform from day to day, which will lead to increased adoption and higher prices. 

In contrast, bitcoin has nothing exciting coming up on its roadmap, which could lead to the coin being left behind by BudBlockz in the years ahead.

Final Word

Bitcoin is a well-accepted coin; for a good reason, it was the pioneer of cryptocurrencies. However, the coin lacks a meaningful roadmap to keep fans excited and fails to offer real-world use cases other than being a medium of exchange on the internet. BudBlockz, on the other hand, is a mission-driven project that aims at serving cannabis lovers and dealing with some of the major pain points in the cannabis industry. BudBlockz is a coin you don’t want to miss out on if you plan on making profits in 2023 and beyond.

Learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT) at the links below:

Official Website: https://budblockz.io/ 

Presale Registration:: https://app.budblockz.io/sign-up 

Telegram Group: https://t.me/BudBlockz 

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/s7hBFgvTmN 

All BudBlockz Links: https://linktr.ee/budblockz

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