Why Baby Doge Coin is going up, price action fueled by burn function this April


Baby Doge Coin maintained its uptrend run in April, having witnessed a 300% spike in the last 30 days. The surge in price is attributable to various factors, but one of the most significant is the coin’s burn function and the introduction of the burn portal. This mechanism strives to reduce the supply of Baby Doge Coins leading to scarcity, thereby increasing the token’s value.

How Many Baby Doge Coins Are There?

Baby Doge Coin’s (BABYDOGE) supply is 420 quadrillion tokens. The BABYDOGE project has deployed a burn portal as a drastic measure to induce scarcity of the coin by cutting its supply. The introduction of the 1:5 ratio is an incentive to encourage users to use the portal, where the BABYDOGE team will burn five tokens for every coin burned by the community in the portal. A cryptocurrency’s circulation and total supply can change due to various factors, including mining rewards, token burns, etc.

Can Baby Doge Coin Reach 1 Cent?

BABYDOGE attained an all-time high of $0.000000006345 in January 2022. The project utilizes an auto-burn mechanism to eliminate quadrillions of tokens annually, which could eventually lead to a value of $0.01. The Baby Doge Coin burn portal strives to create scarcity by significantly reducing the supply of this meme currency. However, Baby Doge Coin may not achieve this milestone due to a lack of practical use cases for the coin. With real-world applications, it may be easier for BABYDOGE to maintain sustained value and realize its ambitious one-cent goal.

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