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In the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, being the trusted authority in the industry is the best way to earn the community’s trust. In this article, we look at how trust and authority can help projects achieve IEO marketing success. 

TokenMinds helps blockchain startups establish authority and build strong community around their projects for IEO success. 

Authority or credibility is the immediately earned trust of an investor through purely social indicators. There are two types of authority that blockchain projects should seek to build: algorithmic authority and social authority. 

Algorithmic authority 

Algorithmic authority is the ability to be seen by your audience, organically or paid. It is mainly used by social networks to entice users, to buy their attention with a never-ending promise. If they keep scrolling, eventually they will see something different, and eventually, what they see will please them, capture their attention and entertain you.

For IEO marketing, being seen in front of your ideal customer or clients is the first step in your marketing funnel. Understanding how to speak to them and getting your messaging right will be next in the steps.

However, to gain algorithmic authority you must provide an extremely valuable free service. For example, Facebook runs a digital infrastructure of billions of profiles and hundreds of millions of businesses. All for free for its users. Google offers Billions of cross-referenced pages in milliseconds, also for free. 

Utilize algorithmic authority to reach your ideal investors. Build one following on one algorithm such as social network and maximize your IEO marketing efforts. 

Social authority 

Social authority is the instantaneous trust the consumer gives to people or projects that they find ultra-credible. It is the amount of credibility that your project earns based on your branding and brand authority, your website, your ratings, where you’ve been featured in crypto media outlets or what awards you’ve won, and any other cues that might convince an investor to trust that you’re going to fulfil your promise.

Social authority is critical to the success of your IEO/public sale. It is built through powerful branding, raving fans, great ratings, and building your credibility in the social purview. It is also imperative to create a positive client experience so as to earn their trust and build authority through their voices and endorsement of you and your project. 

In conclusion, both algorithmic authority and social authority are essential not only in IEO marketing but also to dominate your industry and create a powerful presence in the market. 

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