Why are technology giants focusing on decentralization?

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The rise of the internet and mobile apps has been revolutionary for business. Today it’s easy to start an online store or take orders on your phone. But centralization has downsides: you risk experiencing downtime, hacks, and data breaches. These tech giants are starting to get the message—and they’re looking into decentralization as a solution.

Blockchain-based apps embody decentralization

The first few questions you might ask are: Why do we need blockchain? What’s the point? And how will it make our lives better? 

Those answers are still unclear, but that doesn’t mean there’s no reason to get excited. We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of what blockchain technology can do for us. One thing is certain, though: the future of decentralized applications is exciting. 

Even if your current job doesn’t revolve around decentralization or saving the environment, knowing about these upcoming developments will give you more insight into your company’s plans and help establish yourself as an industry leader with a forward-thinking mindset.

Who is allowing decentralization? Why now?

In one sense, the rise of decentralization is a natural reaction to the growing power and influence wielded by large corporations. 

The technology is still in its infancy, but it’s clear that many companies are trying to stay ahead of the curve by embracing decentralization or at least exploring it. 

There are likely other factors at play as well. For example, financial institutions could see this as an opportunity to avoid disruption. Eventually, they will shift their business model towards blockchain-based services to gain a competitive edge.

Eventually, we’ll all be using decentralized apps

In the future, decentralized apps will be widespread due to their security and censorship resistance. However, centralized apps are not secure because they can be hacked, and data can be stolen. They’re also vulnerable to government censorship. 

Decentralized apps are more secure because you don’t have one central point for hackers or governments to attack. Instead, users keep control over their data when they use a DApp. More importantly, your data remains safe from intrusion by others. 

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Decentralized applications are also resistant to government censorship because they can run without any centralized authority. It makes them ideal platforms for political dissenters who want freedom of speech but don’t want their activities monitored by authorities or tracked by corporations.

Additionally, decentralization is more efficient than centralization (which wastes time and money).


The idea of decentralization is an attractive one for tech companies. People can communicate and share information without relying on a centralized server. That makes it easier to keep their data secure and accessible. 

In addition, it allows users to be more in control of their information because they no longer need third parties like Facebook or Twitter. These are big reasons why so many companies are investing heavily in decentralization and blockchain technology now!

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