Why Are iGamers Looking for Provably Fair Games in New Online Casinos?

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iGamers are a growing demographic of online casino players who are always looking for a new and exciting way to play their favorite games. Moreover, with the rapid rise of the online casino industry in terms of security and gaming technology, competition is more intense than ever!

Thus, in the current market, ensuring an entertaining game of online poker or slots is not enough. Furthermore, with punters increasingly seeking provably fair games in new online casinos, operators will need to ensure fairness to keep up with this growing demographic.

On the bright side, many new online casino operators are approaching this situation quite seriously. Already, many are allowing crypto transactions by harnessing the power of the blockchain, a technology that can also play a key role in keeping online games provably fair.

Thus, in this post, we’ll look at what makes a game provably fair, how blockchain can help, and why iGamers are eager to find these games in the online casino world.

What is A Provably Fair Game?

A provably fair game is one in which the outcome of each round is determined by a set of predetermined rules and algorithms and is not influenced by any external factors. That is – you can’t cheat or rig the games! Not even your casino’s own operators! The odds of winning are the same for all players, and the game is completely transparent and fair.

With the use of a technique called “provably fair”, users can verify each result. It also uses a cryptographic hash code and algorithm that confirm the operator’s neutrality. Thus, operators, too, typically present credentials to reassure gamers that they are trustworthy.

How Does it Work?

Hashes, random number generators (RNG), and seed generators are all used to keep games provably fair. Every second, RNG produces millions, and perhaps billions, of numbers. Also, players can combine seed numbers in provably fair game seed generators to ensure that the operator cannot influence the results.

These games may also use a hash seed number that is uncrackable and encrypted, so it cannot be altered by anyone. Thus, authentication will not be finished if any forced manipulation has taken place, and the player will now be warned that something is off.

What Role Does Blockchain Play in Ensuring the Games Are Provably Fair?

According to a survey undertaken in 2021, safe data communication was the most widely used application of blockchain technology, with 45% of respondents reporting that their organizations were working on it. Now, let’s see how casinos are using this decentralized blockchain technology to keep games secure and authentic.

What is A Blockchain?

Blockchains are distributed, decentralized ledgers that record transactions over a network of servers. This means that the information stored on the blockchain is secure and cannot be altered or manipulated.

How Can Integrating Blockchain Keep Games Fair?

In the context of online gambling, blockchain technology can be used to create a decentralized platform for hosting games.

This platform can ensure that the rules of the game and the outcome of each round are recorded on the blockchain, making them transparent and tamper-proof. Thus, players can be confident that the outcome of the game is not influenced by any external factors.

Another way that blockchain can contribute to the fairness of online games is through the use of smart contracts. It is a self-executing contract that automatically executes the terms of the parties’ agreement when certain conditions are met. New online casinos can also use smart contracts to enforce the rules of the game and automatically distribute winnings to the players, guaranteeing that the results of each game are fair.

Why Do Punters Look for Provably Fair Games?

Well, if it’s not clear already, let’s connect the dots and sum up why a punter would look for a provably fair game in an online casino.

To begin with, iGamers are looking for provably fair games because they are fed up with being taken advantage of by traditional online casinos. Also, punters now want to have more control over the outcome of their games and a better gaming experience.

We hope you find the provably fair games that you are looking for and can enjoy a more secure and engaging gaming experience.

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