Why a crypto exchange isn’t a suitable wallet

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Cryptocurrency exchanges are a popular way to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. However, they’re not suitable for the long-term storage of your funds. Here’s why you should use a wallet instead of an exchange.

It’s not as secure

While exchanges are convenient for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, they aren’t a suitable place to keep your funds. Exchanges are not as secure as wallets because they can be hacked and go out of business. In some cases, governments can also regulate exchanges or freeze user funds. 

Moreover, exchanges aren’t designed for long-term storage. They were created to facilitate the trading of cryptocurrencies between buyers and sellers in exchange for payment from one party to another.

You don’t have control over exchange funds

If you’re using an exchange wallet, the exchange controls your private keys. That means they can control your funds and do anything they want. For example, they can send your funds to another address without telling you or lock up access to your money if they decide not to let anyone withdraw any more cash from their platform.

That is why many exchanges are vulnerable to hacks. Because someone has access to their private keys, they can easily steal from other users on the platform. Hackers will often target exchanges because of this very reason! 

If a hacker could get hold of an exchange’s private key, they could transfer it back into their account. That would be terrible for everyone who uses that particular crypto exchange!

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It can be difficult to recover your funds if things go wrong

If you lose your password, the exchange goes out of business, or if it gets hacked and your funds are stolen—there is no way to retrieve your money. It is a serious problem because:

  • There’s no customer service to help you recover lost passwords. If you lose yours, there’s no one you can contact. You have to go through a lengthy process of trying different passwords until one works. But even then, it might not work because the site has changed its system since you created your account.
  • If someone steals your private key or password, there is nothing anyone can do about that, either! The only recourse is to report them as soon as possible so that other people don’t get scammed too. 

An exchange can be inconvenient

  • You might have to move your funds to a new wallet. If you’re not careful, you could lose the private keys to your crypto exchange account. That would cause you to lose all of the money in that account and make it impossible for anyone else to access them.
  • It can be expensive: There are often fees associated with moving funds from an exchange to another wallet. These fees can be quite high since they are meant to compensate miners who process these transactions on the blockchain. The process is more expensive than sending funds directly from one wallet address without having any third parties involved in the transaction!
  • It takes time: Similar issues arise when using exchanges as wallets in terms of waiting times before coins become available once again after being moved. In this case, there may be delays because of how long it takes for blockchain confirmations. It could also incur additional costs if inevitable delays occur during this process.

Keep your cryptocurrency safe by storing it in a wallet you control

You’d want to use an exchange as a wallet because you can create an account, deposit funds into it, and then buy cryptocurrency with the funds in your account. It can be convenient for someone who doesn’t want to mess around with wallets. However, there are many reasons why you should avoid this option:

  • You don’t have control over your funds. The exchange holds on to all your cryptocurrency and manages them for you. Therefore, if something goes wrong with the exchange or their security gets compromised, you could lose all your funds.
  • You don’t have access to the private keys associated with any cryptocurrencies stored in the account. Even though they may appear in one place, they aren’t yours until they’re moved out of that location and into another safe place. Use a hardware wallet to protect your precious assets. 


It’s important to remember that if you use a wallet, your funds are under your control and much safer than if they were stored somewhere else. 

While exchanges can be convenient for trading, they offer a different level of security or privacy than keeping your money in your wallet.

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