While Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Filecoin (FIL) Investors Dump their Tokens, Whales are Accumulating DigiToads (TOADS) in Masses


Meme coin projects have long been a popular addition in the crypto world as one of the best cryptos to invest in. Shiba Inu is a popular example of these high-value meme coins that made it big soon after its launch. Many investors had high hopes for their SHIB investments. But soon after its rise, this top crypto to buy started showing a constant decline in its value.

The peer-to-peer network Filecoin is another popular project that also failed to stand up to its investor’s expectations in the market. With these top crypto coins incapable of bringing profitable returns, their investors are now collecting mass TOADS tokens. The fast selling out and rapid popularity of this credible crypto meme coin has brought a new ray of hope, promising future profits for investors.

DigiToads: A High-Potential Crypto Investment

DigiToads is a popular meme coin project that offers investors high-potential investment opportunities. It features a play-to-earn game, NFT staking, a trading platform, a trading school, monthly trading competitions, and more. With a toad as its mascot, DigiToads is a credible crypto, rapidly seeking market recognition and becoming a trend in the competitive market.

As the Lilypad 4 stage of the TOADS presale is coming close to its end, the TOADS are selling out fast. So far, almost 90% of the allotted 272.5M $TOADS token for presale were sold, with 1 TOAD currently valued at 0.02 USD. The TOADS tokens will soon be listed on Bitmart after their market value increases to $0.055.

Meme coin is an emerging crypto trend having high potential in the growing market. As a popular meme coin project with 30x investment potential, DigiToads has become a trend in the meme coin industry. The goal of DigiToads is to become the biggest meme coin and top crypto to buy alongside the popular Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Dogelon Mars.

DigiToads is also a crypto for beginners that allows both new and professional traders to learn all about trading. Holders of 3 or more TOAD NFTs can access full-trading courses in the School of Toads. This school allows traders to learn and polish their trading skills before they enter the competitive market. Graduates of this school will be known as pro-traders, who can then access more exciting trading opportunities.

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The drop in market value of Shiba Inu:

Back in 2021, Shiba Inu was one of the hottest and most popular meme coins in the crypto market. Soon after that, the coin has been underperforming and losing its momentum in the crypto market of top crypto coins.

Although, the crypto market volatility has recently led to the price fall of Shiba Inu. This popular meme coin’s market value has consistently been rising and falling, turning into an unreliable crypto investment.

Why investors are dumping Filecoin?

Filecoin became a popular crypto project soon after its launch in 2017, raising $205 million. But this high market value couldn’t remain stable for long as investors saw a rapid decline in FIL’s price. The market decline of FIL further stretched when the bulls pushed the coin downwards, leaving investors questioning their FIL investment. So far, the lowest recorded value of FIL was $ 2.54.


Investors see a solid decline in the market value of popular crypto projects like the revolutionary meme coin Shiba Inu and the credible crypto project Filecoin. This decline is making crypto whales see a brighter investment future with DigiToads, pushing them to bag TOADS in masses. Follow the trend and get involved with this new and exciting project.

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