Which Cryptocurrency Will Explode in 2023? The Hideaways vs. KLAY and ZIL


Klaytn ($KLAY) and Zilliqa ($ZIL) investors have received negative returns as the assets register little growth in recent months. If you are an investor in either of these cryptocurrency tokens, you’re also probably looking for alternate assets that can provide better returns in the long-term.

An upcoming real estate luxury crypto project, The Hideaways ($HDWY) is our answer to the question: which cryptocurrency will take off in 2023?

Klaytn ($KLAY) Investors Suffer

Klaytn (KLAY) was created to power the metaverse and gamefi sectors. It offers developers easy to deploy tools and resources. It also supports the EVM chain and has become popular among developers.

The value of the KLAY Token had soared in the past delivering huge gains for its investors.

However, KLAY holders have been facing losses over the past few weeks as competition from rivals has increased.

KLAY is down by 11.91% over the last week, -31.36% over the last month, and even worse, -84.06% since last year. Even though it has deployed a huge growth fund aimed at supporting projects!

Many cryptocurrency analysts have repeatedly pointed out that KLAY holders have been selling and the network may face further bearish price action.

KLAY doesn’t look like exploding in 2023 and we think you’d be better off avoiding KLAY.

Zilliqa ($ZIL) Down By Over 69.25% This Year

As of the time of writing, Zilliqa’s market price is $0.034, which is -8.56% since last week. Zilliqa (ZIL) was one of the first sharded networks enabling it to process thousands of transactions quickly.

It is designed to offer lower costs and has the ability to scale as required. However, Zilliqa has not escaped bearish conditions and holders have not seen a green portfolio for many weeks.

In 2022 alone, ZIL is down by 57.14% – and many initial investors are busy selling to prevent huge losses. There are so many interesting projects being launched every day and holders can benefit from transferring their assets to projects with more growth potential.

Will ZIL be a good investment in 2023? Unfortunately we think it’s going to be a painful year if you’re a ZIL investor. There are opportunities in this bear market, but ZIL isn’t one of them.

The Hideaways ($HDWY) Price to Explode from $0.02 to $0.045 by Monday

Experts have pointed out the advantages of investing in The Hideaways ($HDWY) as it offers more use cases than ZIL and KLAY. Here are some of the ways how they do that:

  • Gains from real estate rental income
  • Contract being audited by solidproof.io
  • Invest in Real Estate Properties at much lower costs

The Hideaways targets a new sector and could have an early movers advantage. The presale price is at $0.01, and it requires a minimum investment of just $100. Experts have predicted a quick rise of 5000% for the token once it gets listed on major exchanges.

If you’re a ZIL or KLAY holder, participate in The Hideaways presale and earn real-world yields.

Website: https://www.thehideaways.io

Pre-Sale: https://ticket.thehideaways.io/register

Telegram: https://t.me/thehideawayscrypto

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hdwycrypto

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