Where To Post NFTs For Sale?

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Not all blockchain games use the same tokens, and not all are transferable. So if you’ve got an NFT that doesn’t have any use in its current game, don’t worry! We’ve got some options for you to post NFTs for sale.


OpenSea is a marketplace that primarily deals with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and therefore is a great place to post your NFTs for sale.

OpenSea has a massive active community, with many interested in buying newly released NFTs. OpenSea also provides real-time price data on all its items. That makes it easy for users to determine if the price you’re asking for your item is reasonable.

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Rarible is a marketplace for posting NFTs for sale. It’s an excellent place to list non-fungible tokens and buy them, with the added benefit of being able to exchange them through chat. You can also use Rarible to keep track of your collection, which lets you see each piece without having to open each app or game.


KnownOrigin is a platform that allows you to sell your NFTs.

It’s an excellent place to post NFTs for sale because it’s easy to use. In addition, you can set your prices and terms, and it doesn’t charge any fees.

To post an item for sale on the KnownOrigin marketplace, you need:

  • A Metamask wallet (a browser extension) installed on Google Chrome or Firefox
  • An Ethereum address where you have access to ETH

Once these are set up, create an account with KnownOrigin by clicking “New Account” in the upper right corner of their website.

These are the best places to post NFTs for sale

Which platform is best depends on the type of NFT you’re selling, your goals, and what you want to get out of the experience.

There are many other NFT marketplaces beyond the ones listed here. Every platform has benefits and drawbacks. Some may support alternative blockchains to Ethereum, like Solana, Tezos, or Polygon. Explore the landscape and see what works best for you. 


These platforms are the best places to post NFTs for sale. Of course, they all have their pros and cons, but they all offer a good experience for vendors who want to sell their items.

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