Where to Get the Best Forex Robot?


If you want to excel in forex trading, you need to consider using the best forex robot for maximum profits. It uses predefined trading algorithms to determine the most profitable trades. You may decide to use the robot for manual trading or to set it for automated trades.

Take your time to study the market and understand the latest trends that you need to adapt to. A robot offers you the advantage of performing trades without involving emotions. It gives you freedom to focus on other things in life while it generates profits for you.

Where to buy forex robots

There are two main types of forex robots available in the market.

  • Free forex robots: You obtain them for free and configure them to offer trading solutions for you.
  • Paid robots: You buy the robot or hire it for a certain period from a vendor.

All robots are developed by computer programmers who are knowledgeable about the right codes that will work on the MetaTrader. One of the places to get a forex robot is from a developer. Identify an experienced developer and visit their website to download a free or paid robot. Another place to get it is from a forex store, where you can find robots from different developers.

The advantage of buying from a forex store is that you get a chance to choose a robot from a large variety. One of the websites to buy some of the top forex robots is https://forexstore.com/best-forex-robots. In this store, you will find the latest robots and others that have been in the market for several years. Here are some of the robots you will find on Forexstore.com.

Trader’s Moon

Trader’s Moon works with 8 currency pairs and is rated 9/10. It has been live for more than 1,460 days and has recorded an average profit generation of 2.68% per month. Its drawdown rate is 41.35%. The robot uses the Martingale principle to trade, although it has been significantly improved. It trades on the MT4 platform by searching for signals using a variety of indicators. It is necessary to get information about MetaTrader 4 vs 5 to understand how each platform works.

FXTrackPro Super

FXTrackPro Super works with 6 currency pairs. It is rated 9/10 and has been live for over 870 days. Its average monthly profit generation is 8.64%. It has a drawdown rate of 51.74%. It is considered a stable robot that can grow your investment fast. It allows you to configure it to trade with only a small portion of your deposit. You can choose this robot if you want to trade with low risks and higher profits.


ForexExtract is rated 10/10 due to its high value of profitability and low drawdown rate. It has been live for about 400 days and has recorded an average monthly profit of 13.63% plus a drawdown rate of 27.1%. It’s a stable, fully automated robot that features a loss prevention algorithm.


FXCipher works with 5 currency pairs. It has been live for more than 230 days and gained a rating of 9/10. Its monthly average profit stands at 18.57% and a drawdown of 26.73%. If you are looking for an automated robot that will give you profits, FXCipher is a good choice. It adapts to any situation in the forex market using its two built-in strategies. Its vendor provides high-quality technical support to make sure you get the best experience using the robot for automated trades.


Forex robots are sold by developers and forex stores to traders online. You may choose to download a free or paid robot, but both require installation on the MetaTrader platform. There is a wide variety of robots you can choose from a forex store.

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