Where To Find The Best Passive Income on EOS


EOS is one of the fastest growing altcoins in the cryptocurrency market today. Since the creation of the EOS.io blockchain in 2017, the token price has risen by 680.40% and is currently ranked as the 5th largest cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization by Coinmarketcap.

What Is EOS All About?

The sustained growth of the EOS blockchain, followed by the increasing value of its token is attracting a lot of people to its ecosystem. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are looking for where to find the best passive income on EOS.

The EOS protocol works like a real computer with hardware (CPUs) and (GPUs) for processing, local/RAM memory, hard disk (storage) with the computing resources distributed evenly among EOS cryptocurrency holders. This is an incentive that is creating the kind of demand that the EOS token is experiencing.

While investors go through direct purchasing to build up their EOS portfolio and position themselves for rewards, several other participants take advantage of EOS-based projects to accumulate valuable tokens by earning passive income on EOS.

How To Earn EOS on BetHash

BetHash has setup one of the most ideal avenues for anyone to participate independently in activities that can lead to earning passive income on EOS. The online casino is built on the EOS blockchain technology and provides users numerous opportunities to earn rewards.

Being a platform that is based on the original Satoshi Nakamoto’s principle of fairness and transparency, BetHash creates an atmosphere that makes gambling trustworthy and satisfactory. The processes on the platform are open to all and are verifiable through the availability of immutable records.

Earnings from the BetHash platform can be easily converted to EOS on the platform’s internal exchange, or any other cryptocurrency exchange. Apart from payouts received from playing games, HASH (the platform’s token) holders also receive daily payouts by sharing in the profits earned by the online casino.

On BetHash, 40% of the total profit is distributed among token holders according to the ratio of tokens held. Apart from that, every member of the community stands a chance of more earnings by participating in the referral program.

For every new player invited to the platform, rewards are received by the one who invited them. All of these rewards in Hash can be exchanged for EOS in a cumulative system that can be regarded as where to find the best passive income on EOS.

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