Where Have all the Blockchain Jobs Postings Gone?

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Up until a year ago, it seemed as if every company had open blockchain jobs. In late 2019. That landscape has shifted significantly. 

In fact, there are far fewer blockchain jobs on the market this year.

The Blockchain Jobs Hype is Over

This is directly in line with far fewer people being hired to fulfill such roles accordingly.

Despite being #1 in the 2018 Emerging Jobs Report, this year has proven to be extremely different

The concept of “blockchain jobs” isn’t even in the 2019 emerging jobs report either. 

It is possible this has something to do with the rollercoaster the bitcoin price goes through every other day.

Moreover, the search for real-world applications of blockchain technology is still ongoing.

Hundreds of companies have come and gone in this space, simply because their business idea wasn’t suitable in the end.

It appears that more educational efforts regarding blockchain will need to take place to change the narrative a bit.

Until that situation changes, the number of blockchain jobs on the market will remain fairly low.

It is still crucial for aspiring DLT developers to keep honing their skills and build projects on their own accord.

Without a portfolio to showcase one’s efforts, landing blockchain jobs becomes a lot more difficult.

It remains a very intriguing industry to keep an eye.

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