What’s Next for Lido DAO, Optimism, Everlodge? An In-Depth Analysis


This in-depth analysis focuses on three promising tokens – Lido DAO, Everlodge, and Optimism. Each brings unique attributes to the table, potentially influencing their future valuation. Notably, Everlodge finds itself in the exciting presale phase, presenting early investors with a unique opportunity. Let’s begin.

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Everlodge (ELDG): Revolutionizing Real Estate with NFTs

Everlodge is reinventing the way people invest in real estate by combining fractional property ownership with NFT technology, allowing the community to own pieces of luxurious vacation homes at a fraction of the cost.

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Here’s how it works: Properties such as luxury villas are digitized and transformed into NFTs, with all the important data stored safely inside the metadata. No one can manipulate the data, creating a secure and transparent system.

These NFTs are then fractionalized into smaller units, making them accessible to individual investors. A $3 million villa, for instance, could be divided into 30,000 fragments, each worth $100. Holding onto an NFT means that you own a fraction of the property and can earn rental income from it.

But Everlodge isn’t stopping at ownership. They are also facilitating a launchpad that enables property developers to raise funds from the community. This empowers developers to bring new projects to life while granting users early access, potentially maximizing their returns on investment.

The ELDG token serves as the primary currency for transactions within the platform. Holders of ELDG benefit from discounted trading and maintenance fees. Plus, by staking ELDG tokens, users can even earn fixed monthly interest for a passive income stream.

Currently, ELDG tokens are available at a bargain price of $0.01 per token during the first phase of the presale. This price is scheduled to increase in the following phases, so early participation could prove advantageous.

With analysts forecasting a 280% increase during the presale and a 30x rally upon hitting major exchanges, Everlodge is poised to become a hot commodity in the crypto space.

Lido DAO (LDO): Staking Returns, But Falling Short of Everlodge (ELDG)

A pioneer in offering staking services across multiple blockchains, Lido DAO saw its token price skyrocket from $0.93 to a staggering $3.32 in Q1 2023, largely propelled by the anticipation around the Lido V2 protocol. However, this euphoria was short-lived as investors started to lock in profits, triggering a 50% retracement to the current value of $1.884.

Now, the Lido DAO saga is entering a critical phase. Trapped in a Symmetrical Triangle pattern on the daily chart, a significant climax is expected by mid-August. The direction of this breakout will be a decisive factor for Lido DAO’s next chapter: a bullish turn could see the token revisit the $3.32 high, whereas a bearish outcome might force it to defend the $1.00 support level.

Market observers wait with bated breath as this pattern holds the key to Lido DAO’s immediate future. Analysts note that any price surge is still likely to be a fraction of what phase 1 of the Everlodge presale could offer.

Optimism (OP): Partnership Driving Recent Surge

Optimism, a prominent player in layer-2 scaling solutions, has recently teamed up with Coinbase to launch “Coinbase Base.” This collaboration, offering lower transaction fees and faster confirmations, has raised the profile of Optimism and caused the price to pump 39% to $2.38 in a single day.

Though it has since adjusted to $1.72 after a mid-June low of $0.90, the trajectory of Optimism stands in contrast to Everlodge which is only traveling in one direction.

Technical analysts expect the Optimism price surge to continue if it can keep making headlines. They also note that Optimism recently recorded more daily transactions than Arbitrum, so this could be a sign of greater user engagement.

The next areas to watch are the $1.90 resistance zone and the 100 SMA at $2.00. Both of these areas could be good areas to sell as Optimism will likely face strong overhead resistance once it reaches those levels.

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